My Top Secret MEGA DROPPER In Minecraft!

It’s time for us to FALL in this Minecraft DROPPER! Become a super awesome YouTube Member! Come at a …


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  1. Zane~Kan now you Have to marry her (you have to marry Kawaii~Chan/Nana Zane~kun)

  2. You now the sun form into 1 brightness is biggest sun ever in 100 million years
    The sun form in 2billion years the earth is no more no more life no more oceans and no more everything

  3. I know peirce is not in the vid witch I watch a million times a day but in "My inner demons" it's like a romantic show but other vids your doing with peirce yall are just enemy's sorry aph if it was long😑🙂 love ya jess

  4. Me: Just eating caramel popcorn when watching this satisfying vid
    Me: Am i watching i movie oWo

  5. Everything aphmau shows us is cool. No Doubt about it. I get some really good laughs. Nothing is better than being together with friends!

  6. Aphmau: if kawaii~chan gets here next time you will marry her!”
    Zane: stammering
    Kawaii~chan: i uh- *blushing

    I honestly don't want this to sound like a hate comment on aphmau/Jess but I don't like how Jess just left diaries alone in the dark. litterly they haven't posted anything about diaries in so long also most of her youtube ropleys where never finished! Also I'm confused is she kid friendly or not? Because I've been on Jessicas channel since the super minecraft hero series which is six years ago and I though she wasn't kid friendly untill mystreet came out and I was like okay, she's going kid friendly cool! And I stuck around until her my inner demons came out and I saw that she was going a little out of kid friendly so I was thinking she might be changing her channel back to none kid friendly so I was like okay well I mean she does what she wants to do with her channel. then this type of videos started coming out! I'm so confused and honestly I miss the old aphmau Jess please bring back mysteet aphmau like surisly bring her back and finish diaries! I grew up with you and this is kinda disappointing I don't want to sound like a hate comment because I love Jess she's awesome! Please consider this comment! also can jason start posting more on his channel? I think that would be fun!

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