Minecraft Dungeons Diaries: Hidden Depths DLC


Take a big breath because we’re about to take a deep dive into the new Hidden Depths DLC together with Laura and JP! Discover how the new ocean biomes …



  1. I Like IT too this dlc because its so Amanzing and when i played the other dlcs it was my Best moments of my life and i am your big fan of this game Minecraft dungeons and i'm so prund of You. For this dlc

  2. This is the first dlc I actually wanna 100% because I've always dreamed of being a Marine Biologist

  3. Hi Mojang, why don't the hero pass members have these doc's? Was it it really worth it?

  4. Please tell us how to download minecraftdungeons for free please it should be a moblie game for free please please

  5. Absolutely love MC Dungeons, but someone said something recently about it losing its crafting ability and it made me think… They could add a crafting your own weapons n armour DLC, like really basic weapons n armour, then you could collect yay said amount of rare legendary and epic items break and recycle them to get new items to Tweek your weapons n armor.. it's just an idea, what does anyone think? Any other ideas or thoughts?

  6. Why does every update have to be a PAID dlc, can’t you just add a new area which is free??

  7. They must add end dimension with ender dragon boss fight and some mini bosses in the end and also add wither boss fight in the nether which can shoot white lasers from its mouth and shoot wither blasts

  8. they should do more than just this. Please, the game isn't just fun anymore. Ancient Hunts have probably been the best free content update.

  9. They should release a Allie called the axtolo from the minecraft caves and clif that would be a nice touch

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