Hermitcraft 7 – Ep. 22: WE GOT GREEN! (Minecraft 1.15.2) | iJevin


Description –––◅ Welcome to Hermitcraft season 7! In this season we are playing Minecraft 1.15.2 multiplayer! Hermitcraft is a private/whitelisted server and a …



  1. Jevin, I am just now catching up with your season 7 videos. Gotta say, I <3 your QOTDs. And all the answers are just super amazing!!

  2. Not even joking at the dolphin part of the video it had me tripping out. Then I realized it was the video, because Jevin was acting acting normal at first. Then he actually acknowledged the fact there was a dolphin making the noise. LoL

  3. He is definitely bad at redstone and impulse is his best enemy and he is definitely not related to decked out

  4. QOTD
    Grian: Hates to do big builds, Never messes with anything or presses any buttons, Amazing with redstone

  5. Jevin:In the comment section, tell me how many diamonds you think we're going to get from this amount of diamond ore and I will name a tool after you.
    One second later: We got this amount of diamonds.

  6. QOTD: Amazing at redstone, and would never dream of pranking someone. Horrible at flying, and never gets included in the big things.

  7. My favorite hermit… Hates cats. Can't build. Is so boring he doesn't prank anyone. Has a very deep voice. Can't fly with elytra very well. Has never had a buddy named Taurtis.

  8. He is a terrible builder, he never pranks his friends, he never calls parrots "pesky birds", he is not funny at all, and he hates mumbo's moustache!

  9. QOTD: He joined very recently, only wears full diamond armor, despises horses (especially the black ones) no one likes when he does Redstone, he lived in a full house at the beginning of the season.

  10. QOTD: HE is really building the SMALEST hole and the SMALEST tower I’ve ever seen. I’m a GIRL and I DONT like HIM. Also the way HE builds is TRUE A-SYMETRICAL. DISCUSTING.

  11. QOTD: She DID NOT start a civil war,demise,tag,tag 2(electric boogaloo)(she always refers to it as tag not the full name),hot potato,is definitely NOT grianos,hates pressing buttons and levers,is AMAZING AT REDSTONE,does not have 5m subs, sucks at building,does not have a cod like face,did not buy the back of mumbos hair,did not make a raft for a shop,did not start a campaign for mayor,does not steal doors,badly lost head games WITHOUT GTWScar,does not live in a mansion,is not the newest hermit,did not kill Iskall twice in panic rooms,never uses dark prismarine,did not recently make an item sorter,was never a hobbit,does not live in a jungle,is not a neighbour of Scar,Mumbo,Iskall and Stress,never had Tag 2 electric boogaloo,was not 10th in demise,did not have a giant tower as a base in s6,is not a friend of scar,mumbo and iskall,is not crafted by three wheat,did not build the town hall in shopping district

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