RIP Chronicles Of Elyria – Scam MMORPG

Chronicles Of Elyria, the mega hyped MMORPG that was initially kickstarted 4 years ago is officially dead and from the looks of it the project was misleading at …


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  1. I posted this video on April 2nd at 2AM in my country, I forgot it’s still April 1st for those of you in NA/EU, this video isn’t an April fools joke.

  2. This is exactly why 'early access' sales of games should not be allowed. No other industry anywhere is legally allowed to do this. Buyers have no recourse, no assurance what-so-ever that what they are paying for will complete…

    'Early access' is literally an investment, and you should be legally treated as such. With investors having clarity on the financials and status of development, and part ownership in the game (with all rights such owners would have).

  3. As if the MMO genre isn't tough enough as it is. I hope this prick gets what he deserves. Big Joe's cockmeat sandwich in Guantanamo sounds about right.

  4. This is worse than no man's sky, at least the new employees came out and redeemed the game and continue to do so despite the outright lie of a game it was on initial release

  5. When you're wealthy and don't have a real need for your cash, you tend to act a bit more like a fool, like Trump. Don't feel sorry for the people that paid hundreds to win the game. Let this be a lesson.

  6. The problem isn't scamming game devs, its the backers who throw down money without a solid framework. I'm a game dev, I plan on crowd funding my first game. Since I don't have a track record, I plan on building a framework demo l, so people can get a gist of where their money is going. People need to realize, anyone can come up with a cool concept, the question is, is it possible to make that concept into a working game?

  7. Don't mention star citizen as not a scam. Its not technically a scam but if you still think its going to release anywhere near whats promised than you're naive as fuck. Probably deserve to be scammed

  8. i'm not sorry for the morons who donated to the scam.
    If you're stupid enough to crowd fund anything then you deserve to be robbed.
    Just look at star citizen, i laugh in the face of every dumbass who says they bought "the biggest ship" only for an even bigger ship to come out a month later.
    Morons are there to be scammed.

  9. I remember seeing a page on Facebook for this game and actually followed it, saw ''updates now and then''. This was probably 5 years ago…

  10. It blows my mind how much people will donate millions for a game when thre are people starving on the streets it almost makes you glad that people lost their money

  11. I’m skeptical of this because the pandemic would have crackd down on them and their development. However, you make decent points and this is a good video. They also had a decent amount of time and money to at least have something ok to play to give to players. Super dissapointed to be honest, becasue I was really hoping this game would come out.

  12. They were pretty dedicated to this game's core concept, an mmo with aging. Their big mistake was making the game's life so short.

  13. This game was a sad state of the MMO genre. Players are itching for something new and different. This guy tapped into those feelings and scammed the community. The idea of the game seem great and that is why the community funded it. MMOers want Star Wars Galaxies real open world but with 2020 graphics and mechanics.

  14. This is heartbreaking. The hype behind this game shows that there is a subset of MMO players that truly want an open pvp, full loot, sandbox MMO and due to this mismanagement, we are still waiting for that genuine successor to provide the freedom that games like Ultima Online once offered. Legends of Aria wasn't quite what we expected.

  15. Sounds like making an mmo is fucking tedious then. Why do they keep making them if it needs well over $1m just to hit the ground running? I see full games kickstarting for $100k-$300k and they eventually release.

  16. There's a game quite similar to this called Life is Feudal MMO that started on indiegogo and became an actual game. I remember Chronicles being heavily hyped in the community since it shared a lot of concepts. LiF is a medieval sandbox with free-form terraforming (shovel and dig and build tile by tile to create roads and castles piece by piece), siege and instanced PVP battles, jousting, physics-based combat, etc. All player-made worlds and it is created by a small indie team. They started by making a smaller version where there were 32/64 person servers and then used that as a base to move onto the MMO version which can hold 10,000+ in the same world.

    It doesn't have the best reviews on steam or the biggest playerbase (about 800-1000 concurrent players), but I have enjoyed playing thousands of hours of it and so have many others. It's a pretty hardcore game that requires a lot of grinding and teamwork so it will never be mainstream popular unfortunately 🙁 Even just getting decent weapons, armor, and a place to live can take a team of 4 people up to a month of solid gameplay. Full-loot PVP also, aside from dedicated PVE zones.

  17. I don't think it was scam. Design was detailed and good. Overly ambitious and underfunded

    Star citizen is similar, except it actually managed to raise a lot more money

    Most games fail before reaching release. Especially MMOs. It's very rough business.

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