New World: Hands-On With Amazon's Open-World MMORPG

Amazon Games Studio’s upcoming MMORPG is making a move to be more accessible and organized but it’s still very much a PvP-centric affair. #ign #gaming …


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  1. Has there been a single AAA game in the past 3 years that said its combat "takes inspiration from dark souls". I mean I love it i think its just funny how obviously better that type of gameplay is.

  2. 2021 game having 2005 graphics and 3 botton gameplay, are you kidding me Amazong, need donations or something? Check any BDO videos and get some ideas..

  3. PVP, o joy another mmo full of cry babies complaining over other builds being imba. Think I'm happy to play a pve mmorpg tar

  4. So while you're right that there is no traditional class system you're wrong to say there is no class system at all. Your abilities are based around the weapon trees so in essence its Weapon Classes, like you can't use spells without a staff and so on. It just means you can switch to meta specs easier without having to roll a specific class.

  5. Ive been playing the preview for the last few days and I'm loving it. It has a ton of potential and it's been super fun to play. Especially with buddies in a faction.

  6. Soon as I heard no classes, I said pass. We've been straying farther and farther away from what made MMOs great… This aint it chief.

  7. What we need in terms of MMO is a game where you can be and do whatever you want, like Ready Player One. VR would be a bonus but not a requirement.

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