The WoW Killer!? Asmongold Interviews Ashes of Creation Director Steven Sharif | NEW MMORPG


Asmongold interviews the Creative Director of the upcoming MMO Ashes of Creation, Steven Sharif. Ashes is a MMORPG which takes place within a medieval …



  1. calling something a wow killer is a red flag for failure at this point, enjoy the game what it is, but don't worry about wow it will kill it self.

  2. No game has ever killed WOW. Final Fantasy 14. Black Desert. Runescape. Elder Scrolls Online. They were big games. They were nowhere as big as WOW. WOW has to be very bad and have lack of content to be killed by games. No games can be killed unless they have a small playerbase and they don't make enough money.

  3. Just came here to say im one of those kids that start with Winternight then go into L2 and so on… i discovered alot of mmorpg's but stilll cant found experience that i had there with Sieges, If Steve Sharif Make this game with this maind-set i love to stick to the game like to for example l2.. like 3-9 years 😀 <3 love if it will be as promissed . 10//10

  4. Oh no this isnt good. Im hyped for this game. If this game doesnt dissapoint me i will give this man all of my money.

  5. this heeping pile of garbage is such a far cry from what they promised in the early beginnings when they for the first time streamed "their creation" and it was showing nothing but Epic store assets they bought and showcased as "wow guys look at our pretty development" don't fall for these idiots, they just want money to develop a meh game that will die out pretty fast, some say this is a pyramid scheme, from what i've seen this is true

  6. the title of this video scares me, 'cause it's always dangerous to call a game "WoW killer", because we had that too often. ^^
    But it could be a real enemy for WoW ^^ and i'm so fuckin' hyped for that game 😀
    greetings from germany ^^

  7. Imagine 1 guild was just insane in PvP (winning arenas), no lifing religion quests etc, super rich, and had a popular person…that's 4/4 their node

  8. Ultima Online had a Temp stat loss if you got killed on a PK player for a long time, it was crap. Only if you initiated the attack and they killed you, but if a normal player flagged on you first there would be no stat loss if you died and also no murder counts against you if you weren't the aggressor and you killed them

  9. if everything they are saying/promising does get into the final game, this could be the best mmorpg of the century

  10. They should also release a buyable downloadable single player version of the game that doesnt connect to the servers to target the market that is asking for a buyable game rather than subscription.

  11. Me: Eating pop-corn while reading positive and negative comment about this game.🙃

    Also me: confused if im going to play this or not.🙃

  12. Imagine having tghe money to just say fuck these mmo's are shit, I'll make my own.. I have wallet envy…

  13. Darkfall, Mortal Online, Revival, Chronicles of Elyria… All over-promised, and then didn't even deliver a game, or heavily under delivered. For that reason I'll never jump on hype trains of MMOs promising the sky. ^^

  14. As someone who played xxxx hours in Warhammer Online I think this game might be my new home. Im all about open world pvp.

  15. There is no way that many system works harmoniously without creating some big issues.
    It would probably be unplayable for 5 year after the release.

  16. I am beyond excited about this game, thats safe to say. I am definitely concerned though. I have already made an AOC Forum account, and honestly this seems like the perfect MMO I mean seriously, They have everything any mmo player would want, but I'm very skeptical, If you go on the forum and look at a lot of the discussions, Most of the actual real players are convinced theres no chance this game will even be out for 2022, And thats what concerns me, They are all saying the game will be LUCKY to release in 2023, which is really discouraging, because of how good this game is it just scares me how complex it is, Complexity is what makes the game so great in my opinion but IT makes me wonder if they'll actually be able to release to the public any time soon within 2 years.

  17. Asmon is actually a good interviewer i'm impressed, I would have done a terrible job at asking questions with no notes in front of over 50k viewers

  18. 1000% excited! There's information here about nodes and zones that I didn't know, that's amazing! Royal dragon flying through the battle field burning the enemy IS DOPE.

  19. I don’t know why people hype this game up… it’s not gonna be good……’s gonna be fucking amazing!!!!!😍

  20. Guy says yes to everything, bet the game will launch in 2030 or will have half of the systems he talks about at launch. I really wish it succeeds but i have been fooled too much already, won't buy at launch for sure.

  21. That "WOW is done" actually scares me cause after 15 years of knowing WOW I really don't know what to do if it dies

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