MMO Progress Report 2020 (What To Play?)


Half way through the year, how are things looking for the MMORPG genre? What new games have come out and what old games are worth playing? Let’s find …



  1. I feel like you always never mention old school runescape or runescape in general. I would argue ot moght have same playerbase or larger than bdo or gw2 at 100k at peak hours

  2. can you make a list of games with battle grounds .. like wow /rift /aion some thing like that .

  3. So let me sum it up as i already did on another"Best mmos in 2020(or better said WORST OF ALL):guild wars=you play a game where you grind with 4 freaking ugly skills,final fantasy 14 same shit,your skills are graphically so BORING that you instantly loose your lifeforce(and your money,every month for boring skills and so freaking bad looking weapons/armor) ,meanwhile the rest of the games on thé list := TREEEEEESH ENDLESS TREEEEESH HAHA,btw that was my opinion and i am happy to play REAL MMOS and not this régurgitated, always boring and recurring elements with 0 innovations,zero estetics,zero challenge,only focused on pulling in your real life money so, for me its a big nono,ill keep on my older,beloved mmos,cya m8xD

  4. So rough to be a MMO player.

    Half of this list isn't going to happen this year and the other half are several years old at this point.

  5. I am just waiting what games come out and turn out to be. I am to burned out of bad Mmos even though I want to play them. My hopes look to Ashes of creation , can’t wait the game to be released 🔥😣

  6. WoW and Runescape are on top of everyone for 1 damn mother f***en reason. And That is the reward system…. WoW has sooo many treasures and things to explore and you get rewarded for it dearly ! Aswell as Runescape ! You got a Clue Scroll ?! WOWWW do it ! and you get random treasures …. Make your customers feel like they'll be rewarded greatly … thats what most MMORPG lack.

  7. "Play casually, enjoy it. But DON'T get in over your head and too heavily invested."

    Yeah right, have you met the MMORPG player base? LOL

  8. I have the same thing with Guild Wars 2, I played guild wars 1 for hours and hours but still :/

  9. new games are crap,wow still looks for under 10years old ,the only one wich i olay for over 10 years is lineage2 and is p2w as i dont see any of them playable right now for me

  10. problem with mmos today there more big cash grab, less of game. even non mmo games starting have cash grab system. this prolly why triple a titles are becoming less less. people play games to enjoy themselves without dumping money into it. just not the case anymore.

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