TOP 5 CONFIRMED MMORPGs Coming in 2020





  1. Thank you I like PS5 first later Xbox Series X or S as long all the games work for X and S systems I like you

  2. Dont worry guys i will make a full dive mmmorpg for you guys 😉 hope we cna meet hehehehehhe xhhhsihxiije. 388udhhh3wws…..

  3. Different Characters very unique skill animations but:
    1. Auto Path
    2. gocha items to be stronger
    3. Combat time
    4. Presets

  4. NEW WORLD: PVP focused survival game. Oh yeah you mean the one that people who consistent plays with a squad wins 99% of the time? and you lose most if not all of your stuff cause it's a survival game. Good for them but not my type of game, pass.

    PHANTASY STAR ONLINE 2: Need to see more non-CG but actual gameplay trailers, also, hoping it would not be published by a P2W publisher.

    LOST ARK: FINALLY! I hope they don't ruin the hype by publishing it with a P2W publisher.

  5. Lost ark.. lost interest. Found out about this game in middle school. Now i am a fucking working young adult

  6. Whats was that game u were playing in the intro which u didny tall abt, it sounds really cool

  7. Nice video 👍
    All this games look outdated to me 😑, yet it was the cash shop abuse that made me switch to single player games.

  8. most mmo just sells sandboxes and great graphics without actual gameplay that nowdays mobile mmorpgs are better. I mean tell me good dungeon outside WOW or FFXIV. EOS maybe, but most recent mmorpg dont even have a raid dungeon lmao

  9. "⌖ TOP 5 CONFIRMED MMORPGs Coming in 2020!"
    your interpretation of that sentence seems to differ quite a bit from its meaning.
    ending most paragraphs with a "while we have no confirmed date" rly should have given you a hint on that

  10. Been a while since I've touched my ps4, but might just boot it up since according to Google, phantasy star online 2 is also free and launching today((April 23, 2020)).

  11. Considering the pandemic, I wouldn't be surprised if most games scheduled for this year is delayed, but nonetheless I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO LOST ARC!

  12. These all look like complete and utter garbage… these cash-grabbing-idea-stealing good for nothing piece of shit companies can literally burn to the ground. Trash.

  13. Mmo's need to return to the BC/Everquest style play and adventure, and abandon trying to take them in a new direction.
    The money just isn't there to do it. Instead, these indie devs should be focused on making the genre good again. Garnering attention and fanfare.

    What made those games so good wasn't the armor, badassery, or innovation. Although, all three were a tacked on bonus.
    It was the sense of adventure, challenge, and comradary. The attention to detail. The lore. It was literally like playing DnD in a video game.

    We need to return to those roots. Unfortunately, on a smaller scale, but we do.

  14. Hey, @MMOByte, I was wondering if you could share some of your time, there's a new MMORPG in-development due for release on July 1st and is an HD remake of King of Kings III, I'm the lead developer and I have a Discord for the game,, there's a test-client that gets updated quite frequently and I'm slowly bringing back the old community. There's thousands of players who lost hope after petitioning the original devs but they never responded. Please come talk to me, my name in the Discord server is Gorensuav and I'm almost always online.

  15. OMG so much trash in development … the only decent one is the last one, PROBABLY because my subconscious P2TNA was tipping the scales.

  16. @mmobyte why show a bunch of footage at the beginning of blue protocol then not even mention the game.

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