Ashes Of Creation MMORPG – Huge Progress & New Gameplay 2020

Ashes Of Creation has finally shown what many followers of the game have been crying out to see for a long time, actual gameplay that shows core systems …


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  1. With all the money invested into this game THAT is the best character looks they can offer?! They look like smoothed over legos. Fucking yuck.

  2. I know the game is still in its very early stages but I HOPE that they REALLY clean up the UI and text and overall graphics. I get how some Devs want to go for a older look and feel in a game. But that doesnt mean they have to have such dumbed down graphics. Those character models look horrible for a game coming out in the future. People want modern graphics in modern games. Black Desert did a good job of implementing graphics options from low end to high end graphics but also keeping a "back in time" feel to the environments and such. This game seems to contain alot of very good systems to make it and keep it interesting. I honestly have yet to hear nothing from them about graphics except its Unreal Engine 4, but thats not a big deal "stand-alone".

  3. 1) I dont like the way the characters look at all
    2) I dont like the way the combat looks
    3) I dont like how they cant seem to find a direction to go with the armor. This combination of medieval and masquerade looking warriors is not good looking to me at all. Focus on one style overall. Combining Medieval style (my favorite) with random elements of sci-fi or unrelated categories have always bugged me. It really breaks immersion of the game. Nothing feels in place in regards to a time period.
    4) Also really dont like that flying is reduced to only a few.

  4. i think the game looks to be a lot of fun but i hope they allow for survival type aspecs like maybe animal taming or stat management such as hunger and stamina.. thats one thing i think that would really make a unique mmorpg not just having a huge world with quests but also implementing survival mechanics from games like rust and or ark to allow for more freedom and longevity to the game

  5. Cool..Can't wait! So many sucky mmos out that I've stopped playing for so long but maybe this one will really b different and actually good whoohoo😁

  6. The fact that 1% of the player base will only be able to get flying mounts is an absolute garbage decision.
    Of course everyone is gona want to fly. In this system only the die hard 18hr a day every day players will ever get to.
    Im a casual mmo player i have a wife and 2 kids in the real world. This decision alone is almost enough to deter me from pucking up aoc at all.
    At least on wow i can fly!

  7. Im excited to play already haha. Hopefully the pop aspect is enjoyable and want to keep up on all the dates

  8. Game definitely doesn’t look anywhere near finished but I think in a couple of years it could be pretty damn good

  9. honestly think this game will be a huge disappointment, it looks like its very gathering oriented and pve will be bad

  10. Please please please let this game not turn into another p2w game. Idc if they want to add cosmetics that have no effects at all on gameplay, just don't make the mistake that BDO made. We don't want p2w, we want a fun challenge that doesn't require wild amounts of cash to be competitive.

  11. Where can u submit feedback? Hope they do proper bulky plate armour.. Elder Scrolls Online fucked this !

  12. the spell visuals and animations look like cringy cheap anime trash big ruined for me the general models and animations for most things looked meh

  13. Am i the only one to prefer New World by far even if the growing cities looks very promising

  14. Off topic: Have you not enabled save videos on your Twitch? I wanted to go and look on your past streams but it's completely empty.

  15. i really hope they abandon the tab targeting altogether and focus on action based combat (similar to tESO, Tera, etc).

  16. You've convinced me, im bought in.

    I really don't like the way they are doing flying mounts though. I wish it just wasn't a thing. Im all for exclusivity, but I dont think realistically everyone will be able to be royalty

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