4 Types of MMORPG Players


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  1. I feel like I'm the overachiever…
    Is it overachieving to have every weapon/armour/title in Destiny 2?

  2. What about the occasional friendly person who loves making new friends and helping out, dont just focus on the bad

  3. #5 The Newbie Know-it-all A Hole: You guys f&%¤ing suck! Man, you are all Garbage! playtime: 30 hours
    #6 The Casual: sits around Inn and just talks
    #7 The Roleplayer: Greetings my fair lady! Would the' allow this humble knight to come along on thyn Journey?
    #8 The ERPer: Greetings my fair lady! Would the' allow this humble knight to come along to thyn Bedchamber?

  4. I'm pretty sure the merchant doesn't do taxes but instead tries to avoid taxes and rip you off with overpriced stuff

  5. the dialogue is so creepy dang it but the characters are so cute that you just let it slide. Thanks Merry weather! I love your art and and you too!

  6. You neglected the 5th kind of MMO player: The veteran gamer whom has fits of internal mood containment breaches when shit gets heavy… To the veteran's liking… Often seen as in-game suicidal when shit hits the fan, but a blessing for the party, otherwise a chill sort of older player whom seems almost boring when it's too quiet.

  7. Am I the only one who plays rogue builds and focuses more on the story than the online? Because I didn't feel like I fit any of those groups…

  8. Don’t forget the cheese strategist (the guy that goes for meme builds or unbeatable exploit characters) and the Loot Goblin (you know the one.)

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