Asmongold Reacts To Ashes of Creation Gameplay & Development Update | NEW MMORPG 2020


Asmongold checks out the new Gameplay Footage & Development Update of the new MMO Ashes of Creation, lead by its Creative Director Steven Sharif.



  1. for inventory idea 1 is: h colours to make it easier to differentiate (green for gatherable, red for weapons etc.)
    this would be hard to implement though since youd also have colours for tiers of items
    maybe then have a border to show item type and filled colour for item tier
    idea 2 is: have tabs for different things. Would just make it easier to go through and having all of your gatherables in 1 inventory area and all your weapons in another would just look a lot better

  2. I hate conflict in games. PvP shits over fun imo. I'm a PvE player because I don't have the time or energy to learn PvP and I hate being social. I don't like other people. I just wanna play by myself, but I also like MMO's a lot. There should be PvE servers, that would let people like me play without being annoyed by teenagers or lonely people with more time than me. Having a family and competing with other players is a huge no, it just doesn't work.

  3. No offense Asmon my brother…. but most people tend to not ever be able to get into Everquest because it is an actually hard/challenging game…. you actually need to take essential risks, and when you fail it really suxx0rz!!

  4. Read a blog that stated though not at release the devs are considering making this available on XBox. I really hope they do eventually.

  5. I would love to see every 5th or 10th level depending on scaling and importance to give extra visual effects.

  6. The music is going to be good. Bear McCreary is the composer who's written lots of great music including the latest God of War game.

  7. Great video, I'm extremely hyped for AoC. It looks like the developers are very passionate for the game and that they don't want to rush the release like other MMORPGs.

  8. Its seems like this dev team is just like ,"let loose the dogs of war", from a creativity perspective. It all looks very good. Unfinished, but very good as far as potential. I mean a butterfly raccoon squirrel or whatever that was. It was both weird, and cool to see at the same time. And the feel of the dungeons scale was impressive. Very well done looking for pre alpha, considering some of games I've seen in alpha that looked like trash and barely worked.

  9. WtF is he on about? Open world pvp is bad?!?!?! L2 was the best open pvp MMO and it's fucking awesome. WoW is boring because there is lack of it.

  10. I love when spells go crazy so i am glad that they choose to have modifier for it not just tone down everything)

  11. 50:15

    These look distinctive to the point they could be RTS buildings, weird to see in an MMO.
    I wonder how much of that comes down to how distinct the towns are supposed to look based on the node/race system

  12. In regards to jumping puzzles in MMO's…no….they don't work. Latency is an MMO hurdle. If you are part of that majority with bad ping or bad latency you hate jumping puzzles.

  13. Definitely massive bosses hell yea. I wanna walk into a room and regret my decision in a single glance because the boss is such a behemoth of a monster.

  14. Anyone else tired of games trying to have true to life graphics? I have woods in my backyard. I want to run through a blight infested corrupt forest where the trees bleed lava and it rains guts. Not run through backwoods Connecticut.

  15. Regarding PvP, it will just depend on how players group and how the game rewards/punishes zergs or trolls. Wow phase 2 was a nightmare cuz it was 40 ppl camping flight points, with the only thing to do was 1 hour death runs to instances. There is no PvP solution when you are out numbered 1v5. Hopefully it doesn't play out like that on this game.

  16. what's up with Asmon during these ashes of creation videos and making weird remarks? Can't tell if he is drunk or trying to be funny.

  17. Sekiro made me realize how dumb it is to put in animation and time delays on picking up resources like ore or herbs. Make it instant and easy to pick up. Hell, make it so you can run over it to pick it up. If you want to make it a time sink that isn't needless, then just place the resources farther apart and off the roads. Makes 0 sense to force the player to wait 1-2 seconds every time they pick something up. Taking the player out of the game by forcing a pointless animation is not good game design. It's just one of those legacy systems that extract the player from their character momentarily. Non interactive systems that require you to wait and do nothing, need to die. It's like Diablo vs WoW in loot. Diablo just drops the shit on the ground and you can pick it up if you want instantly. WoW requires you to right click a corpse, kneel, look through the shit. Needlessly…

  18. no game will ever kill wow. that's because no game needs to kill wow. wow is doing a fine job of killing itself.

  19. So if you're leveling or trying to farm as a support role, you get shafted by dps players attacking your targets?

  20. Story and Gameplay is the foundation of any RP game. The way it looks is just the icing on the cake. Most games are all icing with no cake.

  21. Someone please convince me otherwise but the game looks like absolute dogshit, alpha or not I don't like the combat or how the game looks in any way.

  22. 35:07 Im not a wow player but how the fuck do people in chat think that old animation is better? It literally doesnt have any impact and the effect is suuuuper simple. The new one is objectively better. I dont get it

  23. The game has systems no game has seen before and is very complex. Rome wasn't built in a day. It is my hope that if they have been able to come this far that they are able to handle criticism well while continually adding talent to their team. They are trying to do a lot in a small period of time it seems and now that they are showing the game to the world, a lot more reality is bound to hit. Everyone's perspective will be changing, and that in itself is a work overhaul. I think they have a shit ton to do and if the team chemistry and business side of the development is sound, this will raise the bar in the genre. I speculate that It has at least 1-2 more years before almost everything starts to look good. The constructive criticism that will come with opening the server up to those 400 some people and then 10,000 people will really put this game on the big stage. I think there's going to be a lot of work to be had.

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