ARE MMORPGS DYING? | OfflineTV Podcast #29


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  1. I'm catching up on Podcasts now! I heard a lot of ideas: make an app, make a content creator management company, make a game…

    I was wondering if you could make your own IP, what would it be? And would you want to create it initially in what media: tv, anime, manga, books, comics, etc?

  2. Honestly, the only mmorpg I play is Wizard101. I feel like I'm gonna get flamed for it but I just like the story.

    Bad thing is the pay wall but it's worth it if you pay for it, imo. Some people will disagree with me but I think it's pretty cool and the story is interesting as you play along. I am stuck behind the pay wall because I'm broke rn haha. Also annoying because my main characters is relatively low level and I don't have an aoe (attack on enemies aka hit all enemies) so mob fights and multiple fight dungeons are so annoying to solo. It kills me inside 🤣

    Also the game gets dark later on the game, definitely not exactly for kids. Most people say that it gets boring for older but the story gets good later on

  3. I prefer choosing girl characters, but I think it's really up to you guys! And don't let anyone tell you otherwise! è.é

  4. never actually realized it but im female and have never voluntarily played a female character. I think sometimes male characters are just better fit for the game aesthetics and stuff!

  5. If I'm going to stare at my character for hours on end… might as well look at a hot girls ass while I'm at it. However if the armor for the males look really cool, then I role male.

  6. When u watch this now and updated to offline tv stream . You will know that they spend a lot on genshin impact

  7. I choose female characters because generally the hit boxes of females are smaller giving you a competitive advantage! (And yes I’m male)

  8. I just watched this. I agree with toast tbh. When you play an mmorpg it's usually you want to be in that world, so the character you create represents you. And I think it's more competitive that way too.

    Nowadays there's a lot of people like scarra tho. 😂

  9. Honestly Elder Scrolls Online is really fun and it's totally possible to play it hardcore or casual. Only problem is Bethesda lol, but fr a good game and a great community. You get up to 5 guilds for your account at a time, and I love mine.

  10. The fact that they just won’t go into politics about how the army ads are SUPER political and unethical makes me SO upset.

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