Why Scarra Makes Female Characters in MMORPGs

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  1. If I customize a male character I will make then look as disgusting and funny looking to piss off other players.

  2. I'm with Scarra here. Always pick a female character. I don't see the character as a representation of myself (games aren't really designed to facilitate that experience anyway).
    I want the character to look attractive (and in accordance with my sexual attraction leaning as far as gender presentation goes) if I'm gonna be looking at it a lot, and girl characters often have more customisation options.

  3. I'm just saying- its not just Scarra. I play as men soooooo much because It just a lot better to look at XD. The women are ok, but if the men in the game are gorgeous, I gotta play as them

  4. You see in ark the male population has been almost wiped out with small females the size of a rifle

  5. I'm the same as toast on this one, would be interesting to create a new character and try to see things in scarra's way though. Might try it sometime

  6. I do the same thing Scarra does, I play female and I'm way into doing fashion stuff, cause so many male outfits in so many MMOs feel completely half-assed compared to the stuff females get, and I completely agree with the reasoning lol. Also, I've met more guys that play female characters than play male in every MMO I've played except FF14.

  7. Easy, i would pick a girl 100% of the time. Because i feel like the character im playing, is a character. I dont feel like its me.

  8. I mean the main reason I don’t wear guy skins is cause they never have my curls and no good black skins like the hell would they give white or Asian characteristics to a black perish and then weird lumps on their head

  9. It depends for me mainly on cosmetics and story. Like GTA Online has shit clothing for females so I play male, Fallout I play female just because I like that for the story, Skyrim I play a male nord because I like that for the story. It just depends on the game and what it offers for male and female or the story I like to play for individual games

  10. all my guy friends will have a girl model to play as. if not, theyll always have a second save to play a male model, but the girl is the main

  11. Dude I remember playing Tera with my friends and all three of us are dudes but we exclusively played girls. TBF in that game most good classes are exclusive to girls in cases, but even the classes that weren't we'd pick girls.

  12. I'm a guy and I usually role guy characters in mmos. It's similar to Toast but less of "this is me" and more of "this is my avatar"

  13. Toast is the weird one here, nothing wrong with playing a female character as a guy. Lighten up, go against the norms, I wouldn't say it shows too much about the person either.

  14. Im a guy and i role girl characters because imo, male characters look more clunky in most games. Take fortnite for example, i mostly played female characters because they just look clean, smaller, and i usually gravitate toward characters that look light and quick if u know what i mean. Thats also why i hate characters with way too much design on them.

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