New Black Desert Successor Announced! – Crimson Desert MMORPG

Black Desert Online developers Pearl Abyss recently announced their next flagship title and successor to BDO called “Crimson Desert” yesterday at the Korean …


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  1. Gona try it out on a private server ones it comes.
    Never gona pay Pearl any dime.
    Stoped BDO after a year on retail to change to private.
    And i never looked back.

  2. I can just imagine playing the game and then being forced to pay 1000 pearls to continue the story LOL

  3. I'm excited for a good story driven mmo along with the potential for more pve content (what bdo lacks)

  4. 1 tbs of witcher
    1 scoop of game of throne
    A pinch of god of war
    Add trevor and european kpop boy as garnish

  5. "The player experiences the story through 5 unique playable mercenaries."
    Aaaaand with that they just killed my interest in the game. I don't mind playing a set character in single-player RPGs but in MMOs I like to be able to create my character.

  6. This is supposedly going to be a singleplayer game now. I like singleplayer, so I will try this.

  7. Interesting idea to have a single player focused story in an MMO. My main issue with BDO is the PvE content and the gear progression (or lack there of apart from RNG enhancing). If Crimson Desert can fix those things, then it has potential to be big. My only issue with it from the trailer is that some of the animations could use some work/look a bit janky or uncanny, especially the lip syncing.

  8. If they give us a better way to level up our character, professions and remove the pay-to-win aspect, yes.
    Hate the Afk grind..

  9. Pearl Abyss is on my black list – wont be playing unless by some miracle the Koreans have turned into Japanese

  10. So…are they just gonna say "Fuck ya'll for pouring thousands of dollars into BDO, do it again here!"?

  11. Welp, it seems to have the same engine so its a big nope for me (texture poppin in lowest quality make the game unbearable, even with a pretty high end pc)

  12. From the developers who brought you game with absolutely no story, come game with story.

    This honestly looks really good.

  13. this should seriously be a single player game, the fucking story might actually be fucking amazing.

  14. Pearl AbyssWhich of these are better to be copied on a game belong to us? Skyrim or GOT or Witcher?

    Crimson desert : Yes.

  15. haha I was watching this and thought 'that sounds like that peon guy :)" I never forget a voice, faces and names though Im useless hehe

  16. I think this way … if the Asians thought less about money. They would make more money than they do and live better if they would be more humble and think less of their interests. The coronavirus broke out because the Chinese government wanted to cover the news to the world for their fear of always economic interest … now they have it in the ass. because as I said to think about their interests, now their economic situation is made much worse than it could have been … if they would have solved the problem earlier instead of covering the news. Ahhhh money, money, money! here's what happens …


  18. maybe bdo's fun stopped the moment you started buying accounts instead of playing for the gear.

  19. I hope to GOD they have player trading so i can properly work together with my friends and give them stuff.

  20. I hope the game has the WOW mount system, dungeon and pvp with battlegrounds. Much easier and more fun to join a battleground were the company can focus on the pvp settings rather than being in a random location on the map.
    Also let us join dungeons and raids while clicking a button, like WOW. Finding groups etc, easier and it lets people come togheder, which is the base point of a MMO game.

  21. I only want them to fix trading. I can't just hand my friend something from my inventory. Ruins immersion and makes coop useless.

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