Lost Ark Gameplay | MMORPG 2018/2019


Want to learn how to play Lost Ark from outside of Korea? Check out my other video here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FmBUKx50WM Gameplay …



  1. It is just a Diablo 3 knock off, with flashy moves and a new storyline. Change my mind…

  2. does the game promote grouping up? does it have roles? (No)
    or is it like every other ARPG where you group up but basically it's every man for himself?
    What is the PvP like? is it FFA? toggle on/off? is it balanced? (No, No, and No)

    (edit: oh my, is this real life? a video where the reviewer answers all my questions! wow thanks! 😀 )

  3. is this game hard at all? you really need to stay focused, avoid some enemies or kill some at first place or have some strategies on certain packs of mobs ? or your just like killing machine?

  4. Is it just download as soon as the beta is available ? I signed an account on their site but cant really read Korean so ^^. Would like if you or anyone could help me clarify if I have to do some vpn stuff or if I just can play

  5. can some1 answer sirsly and tell when the F…K this game will come to eu ? so many years really i mean its looking great but ffs announce 1 date !!!!!

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