Final Fantasy XIV FF14 Online MMORPG PS3/PC E3 2009 Trailer HD


HD video, Please click on HD. This is the official E3 trailer from SE for the new entry of Final Fantasy. It literally came out of no where and no one is expecting it.



  1. This….looks…….SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! I don't know why I still look up videos when a new FF comes out – I think I just have a slight glimmer of hope that maybe……JUST Maybe it might be good, but no…'s most definetly shit *sighs*

  2. I'm looking for a cool, fun to play and unique MMORPG with great graphics. I've saw some reviews about this game, and it looks like is much only about visuals, though some players say that is pretty damn awesome.

    I'm more the player that would care more about the game's story, graphics and gameplay new features (especially exploring) than the battle features, that seem very poor, based on what players told me. Should I play it or not?

    (Sorry 4 my bad english writting, I'm brazilian)

  3. How about we stop being fucking fanboys? All console have pros and cons. Learn to accept them and stop talking shit about them. I personally have an xbox. I've NEVER had a problem with it, and red rings aren't that common. Anyway, why can't we all accept the fact that different people have different consoles? We all like to play games. We're all the same.

  4. @Brandon101x Same applies for xbox bullshit. I've had mine since release and not a single problem…

  5. i find this E3 trailer a total fail, compared to other mmorpg trailers, it doesnt feel modern. Im not trying to compare FF to WoW but take a look at WoW trailers, they are in my opinion much much better. Still planning to buy FFXIV for ps3 noone the less.

  6. lmao – they should make another trailer….

    "Final Fantasy 14, no chocobos, no Dungeons, No Summons, No Fun"

    looks good though, DAMN looks good. Just nothing to do in the damned game.

  7. I am a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, but I will not be playing FF14, since it is online and they are charging a monthly subscription fee.

  8. looks interacting KEY points does it have towns & world map -CHECK MY (FFIV or FXIII) video

  9. @Tr1xR4k1dz13 PS3 and Xbox 360 sucks. Only one good thing that my Xbox 360 has ever done is get that right height as my monitor stand 😀

  10. square fans blame yourselves, for buying this shit on a non – stop cycle and showing to the company that they do not need to release quality but futile visual flare compacted on a physical media.

  11. the only thing that sustains ff languid lifestream (lol, reference) on gaming relevance are the shit-eating sheep that the prior games still command inside their pen.ff10 was a satanic lovecraftian nightmare, 11 was the worst mmo I had ever played till this amount of fail, 12 was an offline mmo driven pathetic excuse for a game and ff13 was like being perpetually gunshot while running on a fucking line, but ff14 takes the candle.

  12. wow, ( lol, reference) it's even worse than ff11 ( which, in itself, is like saying getting punched in the nuts while being chokeslamed into a pile of shit isn't as bad as being torched on fire, thrown into a river of gasoline and being chokeslamed eternally on a flamable state due to a constant trail of piss inexplicably showering merelly over you while the world rejoyces by making you play Halo Reach against moronic kids on xboxlive).

  13. Xbox = fail
    Ps3 = FTW

    My bro bought an xbox elite and within 3 months of using it it got the red rings, so bullshit xbox sucks ass ps3 all the way.

  14. @KillYourPC Does the game requires for monthly subscription? Like I need to pay before I play?

  15. i dont know if ill like this one ima stick with ff13 for now till i have a friend that has it and then ill try it out

  16. @bolbrise final fantasy games aren't actually continuations of each other, well some were but mostly they are disconnected, separate storys – for all we know, they can release 15, 16 and 17 on same day, and still call them different games xD

  17. @Crashandburn999 True that, but i meant to say Advanced controllers, like how Xbox seem to use R2 L2 alot more than PS3 ever did or any of the Previous versions, also the controller feels more futuristic and the shape of it all seems to confuse me.

  18. @ShadowClaw2324 hahaa 12 gigabyte is noting for a PC but u do know u are going to give like 100$ to get it to ur console and i bet i will have to give 0$ and 12 gigabyte disk space to play it.(privet server or somethink)Who ever think this game will be awesome Vote this comment up 😛

  19. @Guitarsownall I think that Xbox 360's are much better, but when it comes to repairs and stuff the PS3 wins by far.

    The only reason why i like 360's is cause of the advanced controlls, then again PS3 has free internet.

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