World of Dragon Nest (English) – MMORPG by NEXON CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

World of Dragon Nest (English) – MMORPG by NEXON CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS) An action MMORPG game that combines intense stories, fast and fluid …


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  1. ► APK:

    Due to a the issue which many players still cannot access the game even though the server is online and the 'Item not found' in Google Play Store. 
    We've decided to fix the problem by giving access to everyone to participate the CBT together!
    ⭐️ You can download it from Play Store
    * the download will be available on 2 August 13.00 (UTC+8)

  2. They should put the original calderock village background song, it brings back memories (song of the goddess – eternal path)

  3. if anyone sees my comment, does the game already updated that it now have specializations? or does it not havr that feature yet?

  4. how much it takes space on ios? i have 5gb free space but it still say not enough storage even the notice says 2.3gb required space

  5. You know what is Open World?? we don't need to go dungeon to do quests, we wander the whole map is our Quest, so please

  6. RIP PC PLAYERS MOBILE GAMES ARE CANCER but nexon needs money, soooooooooooooooooo…..

  7. the leveling system sucks same as dragon nest mobile. still pc server is btter zz. plus nexon is expensive af

  8. Nah , theres no difference between Dn:m and DN:wod . Id wait til something interesting comes to the game

  9. Sigh. They could've made this a full blown action MMORPG PC game with updated graphic, no gender lock, and an open world with world bosses and probably massive GvG.

    But no, it had to be a mobile offshoot with what is essentially Zenonia 3D gameplay. I want to be a male Acrobat that flips circles around the battlefield, or a female Cleric (Sister?) throwing down full support fields and totems. Not– this, whatever this is.

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