The Biggest Upcoming MMORPGs 2021 & Beyond


Check Out A3: Still Alive And Download It Here: In this video I’m gonna list the biggest upcoming MMORPGs, the MMOs that look more on the …



  1. Nobody cares about graphics and combat… it's very sad to see people waste so much time on these games that will never have any future

  2. The best MMORPG I have played was Black Desert Mobile.. Too bad it was Hardcore Pay to Win.

  3. Honestly Core Punk looked the most basic but most exciting.. probably because it's actually going to release. I had my eye on Ashes since announcement and then they jumped on the BR bandwagon with a cash shop to milk their loyal fan base and now we are seeing some progress. The game itself looks awesome but the developers don't look very trustworthy at all.

    I am curious to see how New World ends up; Love the whole style of it.

  4. I've played A3 for almost 1 month, nearly reached max lvl but got really bored. All you do is daily quests and farm, a lot.

  5. Instead of the I do not knows and I expect this in 2023, why not focus on 2021 like you title teases. End of Dragons.

  6. I'll stick with FFXIV others may hate it but those of us who love it understand, all these others look like the same ole shit. FFXIV had a hell of a story of creation that no others have had or survived.

  7. There is no blank slate in middle earth because its before lord of the rings. the universe spans way behind lord of the rings

  8. Crimaon Desert is not an MMO they already said that several times, if you're gonna make a list GET UR FACTS RIGHT.

  9. I really wish New World remained Sandbox. I wouldn't have minded raids and more PVE content but going full theme park just kills my interest in it because I know what will happen. It will do well for an MMO likely breaking 200K subs it's first 3 months then the first content drought will hit players will leave cause they have done what little content the game launched with and then Amazon will kill it. Sandbox would likely have less content but more to do if you just left it to the players instead of giving them rigid systems they had to play within

  10. Definitely waiting for Ashes of Creation, that is what I am looking forward to play, after 15 years of WoW it is time to move on.

  11. New world will fail after the first month it's guild zerg vs guild zerg those type of games don't do well.

    Ashes of creation is our only hope

  12. Of course Amazon will push that Lord of the Rings MMO, they have that new show coming up

  13. You showed footage of lord of the rings online while speaking about a new lord of the rings project. You should have at least mentioned lord of the rings online since its still running and you used it in this video.

  14. Is crimson desert actually confirmed to be an mmo because it doesn't look like it's going to be one. Unless free to play MMOs are capable of looking that good, I'm still assuming it's single player

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