TOP 15 AMAZING Upcoming MMORPG Games 2020 & 2021 | PS4, Xbox One, PC

15 New Upcoming MMORPG Games of 2020 & 2021 | Free Upcoming MMORPG Games of 2020, Top Upcoming MMORPG Games 2020 & 2021, I Hope Enjoy it …


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  1. 2 country's game u might want to avoid for mmorpg. 1st Korea and 2nd China.
    Why ?
    1st for korea. They do design one of the most impressive and beautiful mmorpg. And it's on par with Japan mmorpg quality as well.
    Unfortunately, most of their game runs by different companies that had trouble maintaining the servers. And it has no quality in managing the game. The game would probably had more bugs and slap with dozens of cash mall crap.
    2nd for China. Yes. They have improved over the years. However, only graphic wise. They're no different then EA games though. They will make their games loaded with cash mall and the servers are equally on par with korea games as well. No control over quality.

  2. We all saw the thumbnail. Props, ok.
    First game is said to be "stunning", and it looks like your average mobile game. A good mobile game, but I would not spend over 3000 USD in a PC to play games that resemble mobile games.
    The second game at first looked good, and then, just like a regular mobile game.
    Then, another game which is written "Actual footage from a mobile device". C'mon !
    Then, a series of games that could be defined as an asset dumb from unity or UE4 sample projects.
    Then, a poor cousin of LoL.
    Path of Exile, I will just say … fits the group.
    Amazing ? for PS4, Xbox or PC standards ? No one.
    But what makes it worse is YT recommending this garbage.

  3. Imma be honest, most JRPGs feel the same, just different designs. I like anime, but when it comes to games, there seems to be very little variety other than the overall lore. Otherwise, the seem to rely on "rules" or "cliches" when it comes to things. Personally, I would love a console MMO-ish game with Dark Souls/Bloodbourne type of controls and gameplay. No tab-targetting and DBZ-action stuff. Something more methodical and such.

  4. Corepunk looks great but I think, movement should be faster and attacks little bit:) (rly torchlight so much xd)

  5. crimson desert looks promising. but i hope they make a decent pay2play mmo with only some kind of cosmetics and not a pay2win game for only moneygrabbing

  6. All Nintendo neec to do is release Xenoblade Chronicles X multiplat MMO. — pretty much all anyone will play, lol.

  7. if this is truly the greatest 2020 &2021 has to offer i might quit gaming all together at $60+ most always the lack of good engaging stories with expansive content being a dead thing in the pvemmo rpg genre i cant see me wanting to play games much longer

  8. Ass clickbait, came here only to comment and leave, without watching the video. We all know that when there is ass and/or boobs clickbait, the video sucks.

  9. i played Lost ark on the russian servers for like 6 months, u cant imagine how high i looked up to this game… but it got sooo boriiing man…

  10. I hope "league of maidens" is just a bad joke

    also, "genshin impact"…. it looks like a bad "botw" rip off, the grafic, the enemies even the fucking fire look like they've been copie paste from botw. there's even a golem that looks like the machine things from botw XD so fucking bad man.

  11. I was really hoping to see a super hero mmo. I used to play CoH/CoV years ago and I really miss playing the hero or villain.

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