Third Person Runescape Style MMORPG – TitanReach


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  1. I could never really get into Runescape due to the point and click nature of it. However, I could definitely see myself getting into this since it seems to control like a normal MMO. Definitely going to follow this game's development.

  2. Sadly, today news on this game is it's in financial trouble. It might not make it

  3. Anyone watching this an is interested in titanreach there is currently fan funding going on at when you donate you get credit to get backer incentives like cosmetics,Titles,lifetime sub,disord perks and so much more come check it out and join the discord this game is gonna be a game changer support these awesome devs and see this dream become a reality

  4. The graphics look awful. Runescape might "look worse" than this, but it isn't actually worse except in a technical sense. What I mean by awful is that the art style is horrible. Is this made in UE4 or something? I've seen a million indie games with this generic bright and low poly art-style that's just too tacky.

  5. The thing about runescape I love so much is that you can play it without needing to pay attention. Just afking while watching videos and so on. TitanReach looks nice but I just won't like it at all because of the camera / not afking. Yeah Sandbox mmorpgs should make a comeback but nowadays I just rather play WoW Retail and Classic. I love to have OSRS running in the backround and thats the thing. Without the afking it doesn't seem interesting enough. As dumb as it may sound. If it would have the bird eye camera and mouse movement it would 100% be a game I'd love to play and even pay for.

  6. currently happy with the direction runescape3 is going but this looks interesting, also that slayer icon is totally ripped from runescape 😀

  7. SirPugger need to make a video about this game too, they need all the help for the Kickstarter.

  8. Don’t like graphic, it’s not that much different than runescape official, why can’t it just use a unreal engine or bdo engine?

  9. Bro I've said the same thing so many times to so many people. I just want runescape with elder scrolls or dark souls mechanics

  10. Since Peon hasn't released or mentioned it the past 2 weeks for whatever reason, titan teach has a Kickstart thats out right now, all or nothing and a completely playable demo that u can play with ur friends

  11. Is there any good mmorpg that are not monsters and dungeons or anime? Im kinda bored coz ive played mostly anime mmo rpgs and mmos like black desert all the time. Im looking for a modern world mmorpg with guns probably like gta but in a mmorpg setting😅 there is a game i used to play its called torn city now known as torn but it is only a text based mmorg, i want the 3d version of it😅

  12. also you know a games done a good job and being like another game when youtube is automatically picking this up as actually being runescape lmao

  13. THIS GAME:
    – no microtransactions
    – no pay to win
    If this game getting fund, i am sure, that this game also will launch in the estimated time.
    Many say "look Chronicle of Elyria – 9 Million Bucks, but there will never be an release" – but look: This game has already an PLAYABLE Version!(you can all look into it at kickstarter or disord). There was an DEMO PATCH! You can see the progess of the game while u play the Demo. This dev team reached more with 0 Dollar than CoE with their 9 million.

  14. Trivial09/21/2020

    Ill make this short and quick :stuck_out_tongue: (1) What do you think money wise could support the game to get far enough to activate subscription based services (2) I herd many if not everyone on the dev team has quit their jobs to develop this game, would this money be used strictly towards titanreach or a mixture of titanreach and personal finances? (3) If the kickstarter fails do you have backup options for funds to support the development up to launch? (4) I have herd rumors that if the kickstarter fails the game will end all development and not release is that true? (5) You have many players offering to pay for play even though they know they will be wiped many times and have offline servers sometimes, would you consider releasing the game now if enough players were to offer to pay for the unfinished MMO while you still work on the game? Would a failed kickstart change your decision?

    Thats all the questions i have for you :slight_smile: you can answer them whenever you have the free time no rush!


    Sorry for the late reply, working on polishing up some things for Patch 2 🙂

    1 – We've analyzed & broke down the costs on various aspects for the game's development such as software costs, team size and wage, including contractors and other positions. Based on this our Kickstarter goal is set to ~430k USD

    2 – Personal Finances? The money we raise is purely used on the development of TitanReach, which includes (as mentioned examples in #1).

    3 – We heavily rely on the Kickstarter as all our work and marketing has gone towards hopefully creating a successful Kickstarter campaign. Some alternatives have been looked at but are currently not the focus as we are pushing for the Kickstarter.

    4 – The game will most likely cease development if we aren't able to get funding, as our developers will need to go back to full time employment since we've spent several months of development without any funding or income to get where we are now..

    5 – No, we want to deliver a polished full MMO experience.

  15. The project is on Kickstarter now with a free multiplayer demo for everybody, and it is awesome! Check it out!

  16. I thought the idea of this would be pretty cool, I'm sure it will be for some people but I wish they went a bit less 'exact runescape clone' and tried to go a bit more new world. As in chopping down trees/resources/etc in random locations not inside a pen, a small open-pit mine, static fishing spots, limited inventory to 30 SLOTS instead of a weight system. Same exact crafting system is VERY monotonous, it will really restrict the amount of players they get imo.

  17. Titan Reach is amazing and it needs support – go support it please!

  18. I find the art style very soothing & relaxing. Makes me want to go for a hike in the woods & take pictures of deer. Does not make me want to engage in PvP.

  19. Dude I’m actually going to buy a computer just to play this. Once we know when it’s coming I’ll have to plan accordingly

  20. Great game…. but staff and devs are very poor 1/10 so sad this great game had to fall into young ppl who has no ppl skills and with bad attitudes trust me….

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