Top 10 Best MMORPG Android and iOS To Play in 2020


Ranking the best new #MMORPG on #Android and iOS to play in #2020, drop a like and enjoy! New MMORPG Video: …



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  2. Dragon Raja is great and all but…the voice acting 🤢🤢 specifically the English dub. It’s dubs like that, that give them such a bad name. I really wish there was an option to change the language but still have English subtitles

  3. pls do some mmrpg that looks like elsword im finding a game that look likes elsword because i miss elsword 😭 i cant play in pc

  4. Ja od siebie polecam grę The World Of Magic na telefon super gra mmorpg latasz na bossy, dungeony, expisz, dropisz itemki warte dużo prawdziwego hajsu (Możliwa sprzedaż!) nie jak jakieś auto clickery czy auto ataki xd szczerze polecam jakby co Zapraszam na serwer Barslaf i zaczynając grę wybierzcie frakcje The Siras Empire 😎😷😁

  5. I play Tales Of Wind, Toram Online and Dragon Raja. I am more addicted to Dragon Raja due to the Challenge of building up character's rating, leveling up allies, gems and pets, enhancing gear and leveling up in particular. Also character creation and alot of colors to change the look of outfit, hair, and accessories is great. I also like how you can build and create your own house to your liking you can have up to 4 floors and a whole bunch of stuff you can use, examples t.v. turn on/off and change channels, bed to sleep in, dressers, shower, stool, yoga matt, hot tub, stove, refrigerator, lights, chairs/couches, you can even build your own pool. The story is awesome but you have to be a certain level for the story. Those are the pros of Dragon Raja.

    The cons is most parts for your house cost in game house money which you can't buy with real money but you can earn by doing daily stuff. The pool and hotub along with a few other stuff cost diamonds which either you can save up enough or if you buy the game credits (I think that's what they are called) with real money and they can be used in exchange for diamonds. Of course there's gold which is in game currency that can be earned quite easily. Some outfits and hairstyles can only be unlocked from completing events or using the event shop which costs real money to use and you have to tap on a random card and hope you are lucky enough to get the outfit/hairstyle. So if you care alot about outfit, hairstyles, be prepared to spend money on the event shop. However there are outfits you can unlock just by equiping a type of draconic gear at the required level. Draconic gear you can get from doing limited time daily events. Undersea massacre is one example. Overall the game is really fantastic and there is alot to do.

  6. Rangers of oblivion was the best MMORPG but it was banned in my country, it had an excellent story and great gameplay, your friendship with NPC's had a huge impact on combat and grinding, but alas!

  7. The graphics in the begining of dragon raja are so bad but when you get past the snowy area the graphics are amazing!!!

  8. okay , if you loved order and chaos 1, then what game would you say is closes to it and is populated? i need a new mmorpg asap

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