Asmongold Reacts to "The Biggest Upcoming MMORPGs in 2021 & Beyond" | By TheLazyPeon

Asmongold watches a video by The Lazy Peon, who gives an overview on the most promising MMOs coming in 2021 and beyond, including: Crimson Desert, …


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  1. Crimson Desert is going to be like The Witcher 3 singleplayer but u can play online too if u want

  2. This is all great but, what is coming out? People will excited about games but will play what is AVAILABLE. They will forget and get reminded about fan trailers and updates on possible release dates but, is that really condusive to creating a playerbase by teasing them for 8+ years (star citizen)

  3. Blue Protocol has great combat system. I rly hope that Ashes of Creation is gettin a real good combat system.

  4. MMOs are indeed the actually big thing. The problem with the gaming industry is shareholders. To give you an example:

    In the last quarter of 2018 Square Enix made 200 million $ in revenue with their HD Games (AAA-Titles), but a net loss of 18 million $ because dev costs and marketing costs for these games were too high and they fucked up there.

    With their shitty mobile pay2win lootbox games (they have over 30 of these) they made 170 million $ in revenue, but only 9 million $ of profit, because for some reason keeping these games running is expensive as shit.
    Now with their MMO-Section, which is only fuckin' Dragon Quest 10 (which no one outside of Japan plays) and Final Fantasy 14, they made 59$ in revenue, from which 18 million $ was profit.

    Now the problem is, that shareholders don't care about company profit. They only care about the fuckin' revenue, which is why their dogshit gacha games are so popular for the company. Now since then their MMO brand (we can say, that's only FF14) has been making more and more profit, while mobile crapgames have stayed shitty for the most part.

    So you're right. MMOs are the future again.

  5. Also, you are banging on Star Citizen, but you do know who owns the engine? Amazon aka New World. So SC has more funding even more funding available if it needs it. But at about $400,000,000 they still have a few months left.

  6. I play PoE without paying. Now, if they introduced an auction house, my wallet would be wide open.
    Steve said last month that the number of buy ins is just under 3 million peeps. which is why he tells ppl, if you have any doubts, just keep your money until release.

  7. more pve focused then black desert lmao black desert is already 100 % pve exept for the pvp that happends so u can pve even more

  8. As an Australian, my one and only requirement is under 100ms ping. MMO's with Oceanic servers are exceedingly rare, often merged with Singapore, and more often than not have a very small playerbase.

  9. I'm pretty sure that the reason you rarely see mobile mmos have PC versions, is partially because it would really demonstrate how shallow and simplistic the content and gameplay is if you were to put it on a platform which has actual competition and standards

  10. MMO is not the next big thing mobiles are, not those crappy run or candy crush game but AAA cross platform game that is playable on mobile.

  11. Saying Blue Protocol looks like Genshin Impact 2 simply because it's anime is like saying WoW looks like Raid Shadow legends 2 because both are cartoony fantasy.

    Genshin Impact as a botw-gacha game, Blue protocol is a MMORPG.
    Raid Shadow Legends is an idle-gacha game, Wow is a MMORPG.

    Edit: Just wanted to point that out because I'm very excited for Blue Protocol, but I hate Genshin Impact with a blind passion. I don't want people thinking it's Genshin 2.0.

  12. A Unique Cross Genre never seen before wow never heard a ad say that a million times before

  13. Completely disagree with what Asmon said about Lotro2. I don't play MMOs to play as main characters… I play MMOs to be me in their world… Why would I want to be Gandalf? I know his story… I want to make my own story. Maybe that's just me but that's how I play MMOs. If I want to play as a specific character, I'll play a single player RPG.

  14. AOC will have a good combat because Steven was a L2 player, and we are all about PVP and buffs

  15. i think lord of the rings will make any type of game good, but mmo is kinda dificult i believe, unless is higly focus on pvp, like ESO

  16. Ok so I follow mmos enough that Asmongold and TheLazyPeon show up in my feed fairly frequently, but I'm not "in" on either community… Does this guy move his eyebrows like that on purpose or are they just that powerful? It seems every once in a while he reigns them in then all of a sudden those fuckers are poppin' off again.

  17. The first guild wars game has still the best profession sistem and skills mechanic in any mmo.

  18. check out Force Gaming's new video about New World. They made a bunch of changes to the gameplay mechanics and the world as a whole and it looks fantastic. After watching his video, my hype for the game has grown a ton. I didn't expect much from it after the first alpha, but it honestly looks really good right now.

  19. I really dislike korean videogames I hope they stay forever in the fucking Mordor of videogames

  20. I still don't understand. What makes Star Citizen or Ashes of Creation a scam? Because you have to pay to get into the alpha? Or is it something legitimately shady they did?

  21. 9:05 asmon what.. when blizzard does this you rag and shit on them nonstop. As you should. What do you mean it’s okay when someone else does it

  22. TheLazyPeon is literally an "MMO Dreamer-Boy." By virtue of him sitting around fantasizing and daydreaming about the perfect future MMO game, he enables so many shit games and gives them free coverage without ever offering up any valid critiques. And by valid critiques I don't mean "thuh comb-bat still feelz a lih-le cluwnkey." What these neutered MMO dreamhards fail to realize is the thing they're all missing is difficulty and challenge… not 1 to 2 weeks of fun gameplay.

  23. Can you not talk over the video every 10 seconds? This isn’t reaction content. This is you Hijacking another video to sport your opinions. Lol

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