Best MMORPG Business Model? (Free To Play, P2W, Buy To Play Or Sub Fee?)


A topic that’s been hotly debated among the MMORPG community for years now is what the best MMORPG business model actually is? is it free to play (F2P) …



  1. Subscription > Should NOT have an in-game shop, everything should be available to one that pays for content each month.
    Buy 2 Play > Can have an in-game shop with VERY low prices, OR paid expansions.
    Free 2 Play > Should have an in-game shop, and the rest of the content for free.
    It's about a packaged deal. But, I see Pay2Play games still have an in-game shop and I don't understand how people just let themselves get milked like that.

  2. What u said about bdo is so so true
    And yes class balance in bdo isn't there there's no balance at all creating new class making it immortal so u reroll un pay allover again

  3. Back in the days i play runescape without a credit card. So just f2p. Was 13-16😂
    Maybe if i were to play now i would buy membership but i'll just keep it at nostalgia and still have the pure f2p heart even if i play. Plus.. It's Time consuming.

  4. I still don’t understand how DFO is still alive to this day, everything just requires you to grind, barely anything you buy can be used to have an advantage because you can just grind for gear anyway. Not only that, they don’t even allow you to buy anything until you have one character that is max level, making it impossible to jump start the game just by buying your way to victory (looking at you Nexon…) sure, there are a lot of customization you can purchase and it does give you a boost of stats, but with the amount of events they have, there is a more chance of getting those items with just participating in the event. By the way I’m kinda curious of why they would disallow topping up in-game currency until you reach max level, so if anybody know, enlighten me.

  5. My issue with p2p is unless you have lots of money, its hard to afford to play multiple p2p games. I currently can't afford to play the p2p games I wan't to play. But b2p or f2p I can afford. I would rather have a f2p or b2p game, and have cash shop items like skins, and mounts. I am also ok with xp boosts, as I feel its not too much of a p2w thing. What I feel is too p2w is when its things like super rare materials for end game gear. Also games that sell the best gear in game for money is a terrible idea. Most of the cash shop should be purely cosmetic. If I love a game, I will pay money, but when it becomes p2w, then its going too far.

  6. Subscription models are my least favorite because i dont ant to pay £100 a year to play a fucking game

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  8. My perfect list. Free to play mmorpg with weekly updates and maintenance. Not pay to win. But you have to pay for expansions like runescape and guild wars. Also implementing in game currency in order to get the expansion aswell like membership bonds in runescape. Outfits can be bought as well with real money but no buffs so its noy pay to win. Chests loot chests and boss chests are only attainable in game and not through micro transactions. Best weapons and armor can only be attainable through grinds. Also the players can donate money to the developers via real money not forced but to keep the game maintenance and can vote for the next updates on the game. In game player shops can be good aswell.

  9. I played BDO, I am 100% free to play player, but I almost have full PEN, I think p2w is just an option for bdo although its really a grindy game.

  10. Sad truth game companies doesn't care about majority of players they only care about the 2.8% whales who spend 80% of the revenue they earn per year.

  11. These devs think that paying cash for Cosmetics and Mounts wont get them millions of dollars thats why they make things worse by making the game Pay 2 Win instead which is so sad these days

  12. Free to play to get the biggest target possible, microtransactions for non pay2win (or convenience) items, Just cosmetics. For a bigger revenue, a monthly subscription to obtain free cosmetics and access To unlockable cosmetics. In order to fight the cost of content, It can be a Little bit grindy but you can make that grind more pvp for competitiveness and more pve for teamwork. This way players stay longer and might buy more months but they still wouldn't feel like they are wasting money if they don't play as they can play when they want for free. Obv the game would need a massive developer team as It needs graphics and design to get a bigger base (as lol demonstrated, a big base can make a game truly free to play and remunerative). A true 100 years game.

  13. Black Desert online is the Prettiest MMORPG out there you can get for 10$.
    However it gets expensive if you want some conveniance item such as a tent/costume/maid

  14. There is parameter set known as engagement…you don't see mmorpg player become vip at lower lvl untill and unless they find it interesting….u can build ur model according to that

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