All Classes & Races in Ashes of Creation MMORPG | Explained

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  1. We’re a little ways out, but anyone else getting pumped for this game? TIME STAMPS BELOW
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    – @0:26 Race Introduction
    – @1:56 All Races
    – @5:50 Classes Introduction
    – @8:00 All Classes

  2. Im honestly worried about this game. For those who knows about Chronicles of Elyria, you know what it is. For those who dont there was a game like this. But it was literally a huge scam. A scam worth 8+ million dollars. So for this game to have this progress i would truly like to know more before i get soured out.

  3. Damn that lookd fun but the price is really high whne you compare with New world for exemple who's 50$

  4. I wonder how people here in the comments can't realize that some of the class combos will be proven obsolete and nobody will choose to play them. The best combos will be proven "right" and Guilds/Raids eventually will not invite anyone who is playing some weak mix of a character. Do people even played mmos before this game?!? There is no way to balance 64 classes. Lets take WOW for example and the talent system – there are combinations that just don't work or are very weak compared to the one or two MAIN talent paths for the purpose of the class AND EVERYBODY knows that. This happens to every game – look at Path of Exile for another example if you wish. The developers want to bring every aspect of the mmo world in that game which is kind of impossible and I fear that many people will be dissapointed after the release :/ And talking about the release – for such a BIG mmo like this, the amount of work to be done is huge – people say that nobody pressures Interpid to release it SOON, so time is not a problem BUT ACTUALLY if you develop a game NOW and finish it after 10 years, the chance many things in that game to be dated is very BIG… The whole gaming community nowadays is and will be completely HARSH if the game is not executed perfectly… ~15 years ago "bugs" in the games were just normal things that nobody made a huge fuss about and everyone enjoyed the gameplay whatsoever, BUT NOWADAYS, well we all know what happened to Cyberpunk… So seriously either Steven Sharif must hire an entire team of 1000 people for example (I even don't know if that number will be enough) to achieve this in less than 2 years from now OR the game will be dated or rushed / full of bugs / incomplete / imbalanced / empty and so on… We can all wish for the perfect MMO, but the truth is that nothing is perfect and can't be… We will see how this project will end and I wish to be a success, but the execution with all of the content that this game wants to offer will be a mess imo… The best thing for Steven would of been to be quiet about the game and to not share any information about the project until its release, but he chose the other path instead – now the hopes of the mmo gaming community about Ashes of Creation are too damn high and we all know what happens when you are up in the clouds and suddenly come back to reality…

  5. I enjoyed how you presented the races and classes for this game. I have been hearing Margaret Krohn promoting it on Roll4it since she is one of the people working on the game.

  6. I just want it to feel like wow, pay to play, Timegated loot and currencies. And it must feel like homework with severe punishment for not playing!

  7. Three human esque races, dwarfs, orcs, elves, and then super shapeshifting demon people?? I think we know who everyone's gonna pick…

  8. Theres just onw thing i wish for, i also play tibia and theres no game out there that can match to tibia when it comes to extremely hard and mysterious quests. If this game has this, i m all in!

  9. Hmm sooo. Cave dwelling minign smithing dwarfs, barbaric shamanistic orcs, and noble bow shooting elves.. I have a feeling like this was done before.. Once or twice..

  10. Not sure how hard it would be to code, but it would cool to see terrain having more of an effect on player's movements. Like strafing through grassland, rocks and swamp might lead to tripping or falling if their dex save isn't made.

  11. hope they improve character and mount graphics/movements as they look very dated even compared to 10+ year older mmorpgs, but those classes are very interesting just hope they are balanced otherwise everyone will just pick the most op ones.

  12. the combat animations, especially for casters, are so bad and goofy. why would throwing a fireball mean you jump in the air and do a twirl? they commented about this last year saying they were going to tone them down but haven't done it.

  13. F*-c it, take my money. But dont abuse it please. Me and my friends, we'r eager to play it, spend some time and have some fun, I miss the times where we planned bosses and big fights.
    I win only 4 euros a hour, what is avarege where I live on… I hope you have in consideration the location.

  14. This is the last chance of the MMO genre for me, and I am actually excited for AoC. Can't wait to play this.

  15. I'm looking forward to the pure classes (ie the tank/tank guardian) being the strongest, and the hybrids being weaker. There's no way they're going to be able to balance this

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