So I Played the New V4 MMORPG..

So I Played the New V4 MMORPG.. ⌖ This video is sponsored! Download V4: ⌖ Follow Mrs Stix on Twitter: …


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  1. I just un-subbed. All journalistic integrity gone. Everyone knows this game is trash, and you were paid to lie.

  2. whoever is worried bout the auto play
    it becomes useless after a certain lv ur forced to manual play if not u die

  3. just tried it, the game aint that good. 4/10 score for me, the character creation looks awesome though

  4. The least that the developers can do is to put an actual PC UI for the PC version, instead of using the mobile one.
    That's just laziness.

    Runescape did it. Why can't they? What's their excuse?

  5. This doesn't even sound like a genuine review it sounds more like he was paid to say these things. The character customization was very limited to most modern MMORPGS in 2020 like black desert, even WoW has upgraded their customization to be more intuitive than this basic garbage. For an MMORPG in 2020 the cutscenes and movement (or lack there of) during cutscenes is very basic and shallow. I mean, this game was built for mobile not for pc.

  6. sword and shield class as female and male look like gay or robot. gender locked ,GG . it's still korean game

  7. why these recent mobile MMOs uses same UI? that character selection is just rip off BDM but the gameplay is so stiff, you might think it was a game from 2005

  8. i am hardcore mmorpg player this game is not in the same league of bdo nor bds ..its trash and the grapihice aint that amazing as the reviws say … the mobilty sucks feels like a flash game …

    Don't expect too much from 3 GB game i guse …..

  9. The customization isn't that great. I cant be a female warlord. MMO's need to stop genderlocking and making the classes I like look like a little girl race. Have fun whoever gets it.

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