The Curse of the Meta in MMORPGs


The curse of the meta is mostly self imposed. edited by YungFalcon Merch: Patreon: …



  1. Huh… I've been playing FFXIV for almost 5 years now, more than that if you count my off and on time during its relaunch period, and at no point did I ever think about looking at the meta. Guess I've always been more a "play for my own fun" type of person than a "what do others find fun or better"

  2. Sadly can't play with people in Albion online outside of expeditions and arenas cause my build and Brimstone staff are not part of "meta"

  3. What, you're a Frost Mage? Oh are you a Kyrian Frost mage? Not night Fae? Get good , noob, LF NF Fmage 2k IO AOTC only

  4. Meta is rarely wrong in the context for which it was meant, and it is not it's fault if some are lead to sub-optimal choices even by incomplete information. The problem is that it's boring and robs the individual of exploration and discovery. Many types of players value that OVER raw optimizations and achievement. Slayer seems to approach the meta purely from the achievers point of view, looking to achieve above the level that the meta masses.

  5. meta = after
    before = prin in greek.
    The later hardly anybody knows, never became part of other languages vocabulary to my knowledge.
    Great video!

  6. I like to work out my own builds and rotations since it's fun me. The fact I break the meta doing this just makes it more enjoyable XD

  7. You are right about the base definition of meta, but this one is rather used in programming and development. In gaming, meta as meant beeing efficient is an acronym coming from Most Effecient Tactic Available.

  8. Not sure if Persona 5 music is there primarily because it fits or because Metaverse joke.
    Probably both!

  9. Being Called a noob, Severely trash talk to the game, People do not care about the quest just auto skip, Your Build is wrong, Level up grind solo than teamplay, You vs speedrunners, basically in my opinion every mmorpg looks the same specially the Eastern games, Now all of you are all level capped i.e 100 cause in recent times no more grinding but more grinding in a way and lastly to the point that it is now all automated and you dont even need to play the game just click then let the games play themselves and you level up

    Edit: Sorry for the rant I miss the old ones… Now Im more leaning towards TTRPG again

  10. So playing a game how I think is fun if it is not part of the meta is like burning my hand with fire….how lol

  11. There is a problem on some games regarding the meta, which is rounds around recommending builds when the ones who recommend hide a better build than those they share to public.
    Take ESO for instance: Meta guides for builds, as well as streamers, recommend a build but the ones behind it are using a better one so they keep on the top scores and, when a new hand or item sets break the meta, they will mostly change one of the sets while keeping the remaining of the build mostly intact, this in favor to their guilds to keep selling the featured item sets at a high price, and the more the time those item sets are "dominant" in the market the more they inflate each year (especially DLC item sets). They make an exception to Tank role builds by featuring bound sets because the dungeon queues are overpopulated with DPS players while close to zero Tank ones at the point of having DPS players faking the Tank role in queues. Simply put, the meta here works like a mafia of sorts where the capos keep at the top eating caviar while giving dog food to the ones below to eat (while profiting from it).

  12. It's barely less mandatory the meta when you are with a simple guild (early, midgame raiding), you grow with them, you start to learn a lot of some playstyles of your companions and establish some changes to the meta that work enough for better progress.

  13. meta changed how i play game, before i always tried new things, creating character and trying every aspect of the game really fun, but now…. meta changed everything

  14. Why ignore the meta? Because sitting in one place spamming frost bolts is boring. Or because you like the flavor of another class more. Or because a lot of times the mets only matters in the absolute highest level of play and won't matter for 90% of players. Yet, we elitists that won't pick you up in groups regardless of how good you are because they take one look at your class and decline you. That is the curse of the meta

  15. >we need innovative MMOs!
    swtor goes f2p
    swtor literally still active and releasing content 3 years later
    You are the problem

  16. If you're just copying what other people are doing then what's the point of building a character in the first place? they should just come pre-packaged at that point, it's nothing but the illusion of choice.

  17. Jeez, who the hell are you playing with that gets this uptight about the meta in the first place?! So long as the members of a party can play their roless and pull their weight, surely that's all that matters?

  18. Meta sucks in a game. Don't believe me just look at WoW. Blizzard use to be great now a sub par pos company I want to see 🔥

  19. People who get mad about metas are typically incapable of playing at a high level playstyle, or incapable of acquiring said meta due to their lack of ability. Its harsh but its truth.
    I'm a fan of finding things looked as bad but are sleeper metas, but I will more than willingly use meta to get the job done. If you disagree, youre 99.9% guaranteed to have inadequacy issues confidence issues and most likely aren't as good as you think. Damn I never shouldve taken psychology 🤣

  20. Meta becomes absolutely boring when playing mobile games but it isn't helped when the developers foster PvP because they're (not so subtly) praying on people's competitive nature. And then that's balanced with p2w power creep. So, one month you're on top because you spent $50 on a toon but next month you're in the 30% because you didn't wanna pay $100 for the latest toon.

  21. The "curse of meta" is really just "the curse of people that can do math". Video games are built upon mathematical formulas, as is literally every computer program in existence. As such, there is a finite, definite, absolute, and calculatable maxima. All you need to find that maxima is to know the formulas you're working with. Most game combat operates on a pretty simple formula. You have X amount of health and you do Y amount of damage. Your enemy has A amount of health and does B amount of damage. You must make your Y equal their A before their B equals your X. Not rocket science. Now you can add crowd control effects, healing, and other mechanics in there to make it a little more complicated, but all those numbers do at their core is adjust the X, Y, A, and B values. The basis remains the same. The idea of "meta" is simply seeing through the pretty graphics on the screen and focusing on the formulas that actually dictate the outcome. "Metagaming" vs "casual" or "for fun" is really just a logical vs. emotional methods of playing the game. Emotional, I want to feel things vs logical, I want to be the most effective.

  22. PoE is a great example. Literally no one plays anything besides meta. Want to play poe ? Just open poe ninja a pick one of the top 3 top 5 skills. Copy everything from another person and "enjoy" the gameplay.

  23. Yes there are times when players can do something drastically different. If any MMOs have that kind of option and it could be performed decently or on par as the meta, that is a good game.

  24. the problem with the meta are those assholes who treat you as shit if you play in your own way and dont folow it at 100% perfection; even if in many cases even they fail to folow; bro, i just want to play, everyone have it place.

    I know i dont like to be just a clon of other thousands and prefer to play in my way instead of the most efficient way, so i wont try to do high level content (mythic level raids, competitive context and all that) because i dont want to fuck up the day of those who want that playstyle, so i just ask you to do the same -.-

  25. After 10 years WoW etc. I can say:
    90% of players dont have to bother with Meta. They dont have the technical enviroment and/or the skill.

    I know many people who adopt to meta on the cost of fun, but in the raid, they have 1 hand in the chips bag, 100 ms delay and 25 fps.
    If you only are at 70% of what the elite players achieve, you dont have to care about the meta, tweaks and game theory that make differences in the 90-100% area.

    Play the game and hf.

    It`s like a shooting competition. Why you would try to calculate the wind and temp in order to hit a target in 1000m distance, bother with breath controle etc. etc. if you neither have a weapon with the range nor you hit the 50m target right before your nose!

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