Genshin MMORPG Virtual Reality In 2030! Hosting 1 Billion Online Users! | Genshin Impact


In This Daily Genshin Impact News Digest: 1. MiHiYo’s New Project & Interview Research & Technology 2. Massive Success KFC Collab 3. New Survey …



  1. In This Daily Genshin Impact News Digest:

    1. MiHiYo's New Project & Interview

    Research & Technology

    2. Massive Success KFC Collab

    3. New Survey Suggestions

    4. Slime Chest Location

    5. Epic Shield Clip

    Genshin Impact Upcoming New VR Game Related Resource:

    New KFC Collab Event Posts:

    New Community Suggestions (For The Latest Survey)

    Slime Chest Location:

    Epic 6 Shield Clip:

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    Time Stamp

    0:00 Intro

    0:12 Guide Overview

    1:44 MiHiYo's New Project & Interview

    5:30 Research & Technology

    7:47 Massive Success KFC Collab

    10:34 New Survey Suggestions

    12:02 Slime Chest Location

    13:03 Epic Shield Clip

    14:22 What Do You Think Of MiHoYo's New VR Project?

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  2. It’s all good until the government touches it 😂 Maybe this is their way of subtly decreasing the world population. Have everyone fall in love with waifu a and husbandos 🤔

  3. If the Chinese Government, as it exists now; had anything to do with a VR system that manipulates the brain in any way; I'd have serious reservation about using or supporting that system.

    Memes aside, that's a legitimately dangerous proposition.

    Sure we'll cure your depression! If you toe the party line and censor your speech… 🙁

  4. Turkish guy here – 10 yıl sonra bakalım bu ülke nasıl olacak VE ben bu oyunda nasıl bir yere sahip olacağım

  5. I'll be honest. I hope they dont mess this VR mmorpg with gacha. Please mihoyo make it pure rpg. Keep the gacha tactics in Honkai and Genshin. You already got billions. Dont mess this up!

  6. Sword art on-line style would be amazing but for now I would really love some more content for genshin otherwise they will star loosing players and that big money

  7. Then Tony to and others are one shoting everyone/everything

    On the other hand we : Unsubscribe his channel

  8. yo they making SAO its always been my dream to play a VR mmorgp like this on such a large scale its gonna be sick

  9. gacha gambling company treating depression.. sure.. vr game like matrix so early like 2030… sure..

  10. quick reminder for yall chunibyo out there. its MIHOYO. prepare your ass get wreck by whale

  11. I wouldn't really trust a Chinese Government seal of approval… but I have to believe we won't live in this trashy world full of bs from the three main countries for long.

  12. welp looks like every region wont be out for 10 more years if they work on other projects. maybe finish this game before making another one MHY?

  13. "treating depression"

    The 0.6% rates and purposeful difficult to understand wording of the gacha page is definitely not helping.

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