MMORPG News: Blue Protocol Overhaul, League of Legends MMO, Crimson Desert, Genshin Impact, Elyon


We have a lot of MMORPG News to talk about today. Pearl Abyss elaborated on their upcoming Crimson Desert MMORPG, Black Desert Online will no longer be …



  1. Great video as always man– I also already play FFXIV since 2010 and I'm uncertain about getting into WoW– but can you please let us know if you ever start giving out copies of Project BBQ? That's a game I'd love to play

  2. Lol mmo? Ahri timeeee. Couldn't get into lol itself, moba isn't my thing. But I do have some Ahri skins regardless lmao.

  3. As a long Mabinogi game player. Everytime Nexon releases some potential good news, they always disappoint. Such a bummer

  4. I would love to play Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers cause my Money is so damn short, and i only can afford a subscripton per month and my Parents also couldnt give me the game as a Christmas gift cause of some stuff. I hope i win it so i could play it by some time xd

  5. who cares about blue protocol at this point, it's been like 3 years or whatever. genshin impact obliterated the openworld rpg genre, with developers actively listening to fans, providing constant updates since day 1 and being a good fucking game which 99% of mmorpgs cannot pretend of themselves.

  6. Oh goddammit, FFXI Mobile was canceled, that’s what I get for waiting years with only a few screenshots to keep me going

  7. Genshin impact boutta be the cause of.. i mean XD jk Mr stix seems tired of genshin while Mrs stix is in love with it

  8. I’m soooo fricken excited for Blue Protocol! Genshin was really fun to play but the Gacha system continuously locking me out of the new characters and maxing out my 5 stars really sucks. However, I love new standard it set for ARPG’s (anime rpgs) and I’m excited to see what’s to come.

    As for FF or WoW. Definitely Final Fantasy, I finally managed to save up the money for a Nintendo Switch and the first thing I bought was FF7 (since it was on sale) and I immediately fell in love with the series, so getting to play another game would be awesome!

    Anyway, keep up the fantastic content!

  9. i'd really love the Shadowlands expansion, i just started wow this dec, and afetr reaching lvl 20 on a free account i couldn't hold myself to try the full game, but due to my expenses, i was limited to just purchase a subscribtion, right now i m playing paladin lvl 50, but because i m, only lvl 50, i m still not playing the game at it's fullest, always getting rejected for raids and dung, cause of my low item levels, and of course guilds, so i really hope if i get a little push to get the expansion :p

  10. The way Genshin Impact handled its multiplayer pretty well killed my intense interest in the game, and it saddens me.

  11. I would to have the copy of FF XIV to give it to one of my friends since i mainly play it alone and i would love to have a companion my side ^^

  12. Oh to play Final Fantasy XIV!! Looks awesome. I’d love to win a copy! As always we really enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good work! (Not forgetting you Mrs Stix!) xxx

  13. Drakensang was/is my favorite game of all time. I have been searching for something to fill the void it left since forever. I would be excited but, I "lost" my account when bugpoint ceased to exist and it's still probably p2w as fuck. Sadge.

  14. Good news update. I like Black Desert. I am interested in Crimson Desert. Currently playing Genshin Impact. I quit Phantasy Star Online 2 for Genshin. League MMO sounds interesting too. Blue Protocol is also on my list to play. uwu.

  15. I did make a FF IV account and tried the game, BUT did not get into the latest patch si it'd be great to join and try it again!
    Regards from Tabasco, México [Land of The Olmecs] !

  16. I hope ff14 goes free to play 😂😭💁

    Id like to play ff14 cause ive always wanted to get into the game just couldn't get the money to spare this year. Plus it would be awesome to play with my friends again on an mmo. I hear it's really good tho 🙂 loved the movies and ff15 when it first released.

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