SwitchRPG – Hopeful MMORPGs to the Nintendo Switch!


SwitchRPG – Hopeful MMORPGs to the Nintendo Switch Will we ever see my wishlist for MMORPGs come to the Nintendo Switch? It sure is nice to imagine!



  1. GW2 actually has action camera in settings, they could just a switch version that doesnt have to include every content, but just open world and dungeon for farming.

  2. i played guild wars 1 and have gw2 jaja but this game is only for pc gaming my friend and this video say mmorpg for nintendo switch

  3. Just letting you guys know that Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is also an MMO even though it's not labelled as such. Found out by playing it — thought it would be like a 4 player coop but it turns out it has a fairly big lobby akin to Dauntless

  4. 1:00 get a separate sd card for it. MMOs are free and sd cards aren’t that expensive unless you’re tryna get the unnecessarily overpriced Nintendo sd cards

  5. How dare u say ark is bad its litterly the best game u dumbass

    B-bUt ItS mY oPiNiOn So YeAh


  6. You would need to play a mmorpg only on tv mode because there would be no way to read the menus in handheld only. You would need better graphics and more ram for the better mmorpgs. I can't see Nintendo Switch at present being able to run a good mmorpg. Maybe if they release a Pro Switch which would be awesome but not as it is now.

  7. I dreamt of a remake of Eden Eternal being announced for the Switch. I wish that wasn't a dream, I would actually pay to see this game brought back to life, in full HD graphics…

  8. I’m EXTREMELY hopeful for Real mmos coming to the switch. I mean if mobile games can run solid mmo games than the switch should be no problem, I’d even be ok if some of the bigger mobile mmos like black desert or lineage got ported over and changed around a bit to fit a stronger console like the switch . Personally I’d like to see Ffxiv , never played it but GW2 looks good

  9. What has Guild wars 2 to do with the switch? Lol I mean I’d love it to be on switch… but it never will… because it didn’t even come out on consoles

  10. what part of massive you don't understand? you call 4 players a massive rpg.. the only mmorpg was ark and you told people to not play it XD

  11. Dc universe online works really good I did a 15 player dungeon and I runs fine something the lag it’s because the server

  12. i really wanna see riders of icarus, elder scrolls online, guild wars 2, scalebound, ascent infinite realm and outward on switch. btw the switch is the only console i have and i really want more games that i like on it. also i know that scalebound was canceled but i really want that game to come out it looks so cool cuz u have a dragon friend that helps you fight off monsters and you get tl ride it

  13. Diablo, Warfarme, Victor Fran are MMO's? Massive ? Where is running with 4 people through a level massive?

  14. Personally since switch can handle online and a cheap mobile phone can handle wow etc why can’t a gaming device? Would need server based games but y not

  15. That with endless updates is not much viable argument (SD card – solved) … I'd like to see Black Desert (mobile model) on switch and I am good.

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