New World – It's Getting Real Close – MMORPG 2021


New World is a game I’ve been pretty critical of over the years, mostly for actual valid reasons that they’ve finally started to address. The game has been through …



  1. I started a Zelda clone in Dark Basic in 2014 called New World. People are stealing my game names.
    In 90/91 I made gfx for an anthropomorphic fish that could survive briefly above water. It was called Waterworld.
    Also in 90/91 I made gfx for a platformer with a female with dark hair, ponytail, blue top, brown skirt. I chose blue and brown because I only 32 colours and I used those colours for the tiles i had made. Wasn't called Tomb Raider though.

  2. Do you really think they can add a meaningful main story quest in a year? I don't, I want to like this game but I feel their main story quest is going to be garbage.

  3. Kira- have they fixed the issue healing in PvP, for example, I could flag and go pvping with a mate or two, those mates, wouldnt be pvp flagged and they can heal me the whole time and my opponent cannot do anything to them!

  4. reviews are very biased and i must say young to the industry. totally millenial opinion of " my opinion is how it should be" and forgets 1. millions of other players and 2. what it actually takes to go gold with a title. yes i do know tge industry you will find my name buried in credits of first hitman and soul reaver and have been tester for the industry since before ultima was released. biased reviews are simply just a paid opinion nothing more, and definitely not expert

  5. Peoples expectations for New World 8/10
    Which state it's gonna go out, 3.5/10

  6. This is the worst game to ever be made no pvp its made for pussy bitch boys and other factions can be in the same city together immersion ruined turning pvp on and off is weak as fuck if your a weak coward than make pve servers for the weak.

  7. amazon games track record is already looking grim with 1 commerical failure and since the game got negative feedback and essential had to be changed entirely with this 1 year delay. i dont have any faith in. however i will be pleasantly suprised if it succeeds

  8. This game is going to be so badass. full loot games will never be successful again the way people play those game now are just to toxic

  9. So not PvP in all mostly PvE as thats wot i want to know, i am a big PvE fan on this sort of game but not shy of PvP but cannot see if both or just the one or a mix?

  10. Games need to be MORE like Classic WoW. Not LESS. I don't like the lack of RPG features in this game. Not enough abilities, no races.

  11. I just wanna know if crafted gear is as good as dropped. Crafters need a solid reason to craft

  12. 100+ hours in the alpha – Its boring w/ a lot of walking… like 10minutes to get to a place, kill 5 things, 10 more minutes to return to turn it in.

  13. Is this going to be yet another static theme park world then? Great… Why would I switch to this game from the ones I am already invested in and are way more flashed out, if it offers the exact same old boring unchanging world that was an outdated mmo concept 20 years ago?

  14. Just bring lost ark to the west and take my money!!!!! New world another trash fail mmo

  15. What you are all forgetting is that the MMO community literally asked for these changes to be made. You were mad with the animation locked slower combat and lack of PVE endgame, then they add it and you complain it’s “too themepark”. Make up your mind.

  16. i mean, when you spoke about quests you literally desribed wow's quest model for 99% of their quests in the game lol they did fine and are still doing fine 😛

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