Swords of Legends Online – MMORPG Coming Summer 2021


Swords of Legends Online is set to launch from Gameforge in the west in the summer of 2021, with Alpha/Beta tests to be announced over the next few weeks.



  1. I preordered this. The publisher is a red flag, but it's the only red flag. Everything else about this game looks very, very good. I'll at least play it until New World comes out (if their definition of "summer 2021" isn't later than September). No gender lock, no p2w, no stupid progression systems. Pinch me. They have confirmed that all mounts move at the same speed regardless how acquire skins for the mounts.

  2. Hope you get a key for this. Very interested to get your opinion on this, I've never really played any Chinese MMO'S but this has my interest so far.

  3. I was interested until you got to the server locations. ESO, FF:XIV, SWTOR, Most other Eastern MMOs all fall over in this regard. BDO is acceptable on SEA realms. WoW is the GOAT with 9ms, 9!! No OCE servers = Pass from me. I hope PSO2 has OCE servers, I will play it if it does.

  4. Lets face it, i have no interest with the current mmo's, really enjoyed Mortal online 2 but game is no where near finished for my likening, will end up playing this one.

  5. Hopefully this game will be successful, then we might see Gujian 4. Yea this is the same developer for Gujian 3. Technically this game is called Gujian Online in China.

  6. Well, the game has a pretty steep upfront cost already. There's really no reason for Gameforge to add p2w elements. With regards to the packs, Blizzard games, Guildwars 2 all have them, I don't think it's an issue. What's an issue is the ridiculous weapon you can get from the founder's pack in games like Demon Souls…

    I also don't like gender lock but how is it an Asian thing? POE is gender locked (and I hope POE2 won't be), D1 and D2 are gender locked, and it looks like the remastered D2 will continue to be gender locked. Maplestory, one of the most successful and oldest Asian MMOs wasn't gender locked. Isn't gender locking a western thing?

  7. Gameforge said the same things (no p2w, no lotteries, no eng upgrades,etc) about all their games when they where launched. This one will be not different. It will be the same "Mary with a different hat"…

  8. You shall revisit my comment in 3-4 years again after GF fks up the game and it was shut down for unreasonable reasons. 👍

  9. what this exactly looks like gameforge last game. Did they just recycled those models and are selling them back again?

  10. Looks similar to revelation online… and we know how overhyped that game was and how it turned out…

  11. I live on west coast so if the servers are on east coast ima get some of that ping even though my internet is nice.

  12. Is this only gonna be on PC? or consoles as well?
    Even tho i know to be wary of people like Gameforge, Gamigo, NCSoft, etc., i can't help but be curious…
    (22 yr. Hardcore Gamer vet. 1st, hatefilled skeptic 2nd 😅😇)

  13. bro hearing the word gameforge immediately gives me the worst possible vibes for a game. Disgusting!

  14. Your content is awesome, I've recently found your channel and I've been watching every single video you've made in past week. HOWEVER, please reconsider that statement about GameForge for not being "as bad in terms of p2w". I did play Aion for 8 years and 6 years it was under GameForge. The game went from "cosmetics" and "optional subcription model with benefits" to insane loot crate fest. Lots of useful best in slot gear and pets were locked behind a paywall (if there was a way to obtain these items ingame, it was so hard that nobody really got it outside store). In xmas/easter/summer lotteries people were spending like 50k-100k € to get some 0.001% item that would break PvP or PvE. During the time I did quit it did cost around 500€ to get to level cap and other option was to grind every day 12h for 6 months.

  15. I just dont trust GF. I dont want to put again a lot of effort into the game to reach some certain points of it and then realize they will make it p2w.

  16. Gameforge really making this game look bad… I really love wuxia styled games they never come to NA/ EU stares at moonlight blade and the ones that do get screwed over by the publisher

  17. highly introduce a game to you, gujian3, the game on steam, and this swords of legends is the online version of gujian 3

  18. Omg this game is a copy of Aion ö.ö and gameforge is the puplisher omg fail, dont download it if it puplishing on gameforge it will be sure down soon and full of hackers, gamforge is never implementet a antivier and is pushing botters and hackers , this is the same to Aion, dont play any games from gameforge this is the worst puplisher on this planet

  19. I didnt care about this game at all but after recieving info on this video I am actually interested. A Non P2W chinese MMO really has a lot of potential in west. P2W is usually what kills – content wise pretty good – asian mmo's in west.

  20. I have watched the video in its entirety before making this comment, and yet I have to ask why exactly are people still believing them?
    Every single game they have ever gotten their hands on died (or is dying) due to their extreme pay to win cash shops.
    Are people just starving for new MMOs and believe everything some corporate guy says, no matter how blatant and obvious the lies?
    They have already published games that were sub based in their origin countries while being run in the west as F2P, and they have turned them ridiculously p2w.
    Stop being naive, people. You're too old for this.

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