Oath Is Never Coming – 2020 MMORPG Kickstarter


Oath is a new MMORPG from Ready-Up Studios built with the powerful Unreal Engine 4 and SpatialOS! It features action-based combat with many classes to …



  1. well you can kond of see its never coming because if the retarder combat systems it looks like s schoolkid has made them, they don't know how to animate, there are strage thing going on in the combat no twining ( shows poor skills in coding and know how) another asset pack game of the unreal store. thats been tweaked. a little.

  2. Looks pretty bland. Generic UE4 lighting with generic cartoony mobile or card game shading and textures. The MMO market has been so oversaturated for a decade now, that one needs to hook me within a minute of gameplay footage or less. If the aesthetics, combat system, lore, UI, etc can't take me in within that time, they lost me before even telling me the name of the game. And actually, CubeWorld looked more interesting than this.

  3. If I've learned anything from watching this channel it's that you shouldn't waste your money backing mmo's on kick starter. These projects from no name studios seem doomed, Which honestly shouldn't be surprising as making a working, enjoyable MMO is A huge undertaking that even large, successful studios get wrong on occasion.

  4. So they spent 50k and pocketed 50k, cant really sue them because they can pay themselves and they tried to get something done outsourced. That's why you don't crowdfund games lol. I mean wasteland is lame,, ashes of creation .. well we all know what happened to that pos. You can say Shenmue 3 was ok, but was pretty lame as well. Pillars of Eternity is probably the one that did the best …. but even for these, nothing great. Just save your money buy legit VC/PE/HNWI funded indie games or AAA studio titles, they have a budget, legit talent and make games for profit (meaning they get no ROI if the game sucks) and still they suck much of the time hahahhaa! So that just tells you what hope there is for CF games.

  5. I had hopes that Oath was real, however, some of their animations were eerily similar to that of Dragon Nest.
    Trust your gut when you see red flags.

  6. Huh I thought it was a new video as youtube suggested it to me now O.o

    O well, a year later and we never heard of the game again.

  7. All this over an unlicensed asset? That alone smells fishy. It's more common than not to use store-bought, straight ripped from another game or otherwise legally absolutely non-releasable assets when you prototype a game, or features of it. There is zero doubt in my mind this wasn't any malicious intent, rather just a simple error. And if you always want to show the newest development status, of course QC is going to slip a bit and oversights happen. The correct response would've been getting more careful eyes on media releases, or to slow them down so QC has more time to polish and check it. Either the asset was a pretense, or ReadyUp was even less competent than they appear IMO.

  8. Guys, did u see the forum ?
    I dont understand.
    There is only selling fake ID card. Bank thinks and passport wtf ????
    The discord is dead etc etc..

  9. You say company, but a lot of the time its just individuals who made up a name because they though they had a good game idea. A lot of the time anyway on Kickstarter

  10. Backer here that just got around to trying to get into the discord. No reply and sad to see all this happened that I just missed. I also originally thought Cryy was the one that didn't do his "job" on looking more into it but the more I look into it now….fuck it seems he did the right thing.

  11. I think il do same thing make a project get the chas and delete all…its shame cus it looked nice but if i invested in this game id find them and send then to hospital for longer time but good thing for them and me cus i did not ;D im sorry for the poor ppl that lost

  12. it pains me that legit devs that has passion on making a game and people who likes to support those said devs both suffer because of these low life scammers.

  13. Ah man, although I didn't avail the kickstarter, I was actually really looking forward to playing this game. I only got to it today since it's far in development last year. And hearing about all this just makes me sad man. The money everyone invested in, the time and effort, all wasted because of some useless human beings who can't take for shit.

  14. i was thinking about donating some money to this game and when i made up my mind to do it the store had closed and now i can breathe a sigh of relief that i didnt.

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