MMORPG News: Lost Ark NA/EU August 2021? Tower of Fantasy Beta, RIFT Shut Down? Noah's Heart, Elyon


Ashes of Creation have announced that they’re delaying their Alpha test, Blade & Soul has a ton of new content in their latest update, Black Desert Online just …



  1. I'm actually going to give Swords of Legends Online a chance, I want a true action combat MMO so bad since Tera died :'(

  2. The day rift goes my heart will literally break. I played hardcore for 4 years. (They killed my class and i quit)

  3. Feel like Blue Protocol will be the biggest, but if that PSO2 beta goes well, I can see that being big as well.

  4. so i Believe the best MMO of this year will be Blue Protocol. ther eis alot of hype to it. many people are looking forward to it like i am… we cant wait to get our hands on this anime fantasy Style MMO. if i win i'm hoping to get the new expansion for ESO

  5. grr why will lost ark be in montreal… i wont be able to stay away from it now..
    we have the best studios around so.. "unless when EA kills us"
    BnS will be dead forever has long has ncsoft is the publisher..
    ever since they f'in stupidly shut down MxM after FKIN WEEKS….
    and every single ncsoft account i ever had has been hacked at some point..
    and how they gave up on aion… just F ncsoft up the *ss

  6. Great news! I might want to get my hands on the beta key for sword of legends if and when you get some! Keep up the good work

  7. Lost Ark because its just a amazing looking game with diverse classes and a breath taking world

  8. I would love a sword of legend beta key. I had a bunch of friends I played age of wushu with and I had so much fun. Miss those days.

  9. Depends world wide release or local I think blue protocol will be the biggest. If I won I am not sure what I would choose. I am 45 my kids are finally grown and I’m looking to get back into gaming. I may let you pick it.

  10. Elyon is using Unreal Engine
    3… Haven't they learned from TERA that they shouldn't use that Engine

  11. People, haven't you learnt a valuable lesson? MMOs come to the west once they die in the east 😡

  12. BnS need to reimagine their equipment system. Most convoluted thing I've ever seen in a game. I never knew they were going the XIV route with classes with the original. I know in the BnS 2 videos they said they will do that.

  13. I'd love to get guild of wars 2 expansions ty for been kind to offer your community this great opportunity peace ! <3

  14. Rift let pvp and world pvp fall to the side and being on a guild just didn't make you feel like you were part of something and it suffered

  15. MMOByte would love to play some Swords of Legend beta 🙂 Hook me up with a beta key if you can please, thanks!! Keep up the great content, love the vids.

  16. I just don’t get why Amazon would be so closed about LA if it was coming. Get that hype train going Amazon.

  17. i got the application mail for Elyon CB1… definitely looking forward to that, whether i get to play or not

  18. Lost Ark got lost somewhere… By the time amazon finds where they put it in and realese it the game would have to change the name to Old ark:P

  19. I don't know if it will be in 2021 (I think it's 2022, but I'll post anyway). Blue protocol, only opinion, is going to be the biggest release of the year it will come in, from the graphics, to the combat, and even the main story (from what we've seen in the previous beta's). Can't wait

  20. pre registration doesnt work btw.

    the link gives a error in chinese and idk what it says

  21. lost ark better hurry up, its going to get out shined by Diablo 2 and 5 and path of exile 2…. lol

  22. I think swords of legends online will be the biggest game this year (atleast for me) as it's everything i wanted revelation to be and more !

  23. If they do or create one I'd say A NARUTO MMORPG I'm talking black desert mixed with some wow nostalgia/engine but NARUTO that would be sweet or maybe a whole new blu print but naruto or one piece just I want an ANIME MMO> I say those 2 games because there worlds are so big but I want a real dedicated anime mmorpg

  24. If blue protocol releases this year it will 100% be the biggest, ashes of creation is also looking promising

  25. Finally more Lost Ark information. It feels like I've been waiting 10 years for it to get a release to NA. Easily one of my most anticipated games ever.

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