How I made 2 MMORPGs using Construct – Devlog


Though I don’t use Construct anymore, it is an extremely powerful game engine. I created these MMOs over a course of two years. Follow along my process and …



  1. Could you make a tutorial helping us on how to make a 2d side scroller mmo rpg like you did?

  2. I have a dream for doing a 2d shooter, like madness combat interactive, but, i dont have the pc or the programs or the experience programing so… Is a horrible feel can't do a project

  3. could u possibly show how u made the game in photon? like on your patreon or something? id like to make an mmo myself. thanks.

  4. Creating an engine from scratch sounds like overkill, you should use Godot or unity, or at least some framework such as pygame or libgdx, making an engine from scratch you have to handle input from all target platforms yourself, implement opengl or vulkan yourself, and implement all the enet networking, physics, collision, etc.

  5. Do you have a video on how to import your construc file or game in to futon .
    This sounds interesting to me like how does it work exactly

  6. Your games are more than great! And this is completely my story. Coming from a non-programmer background, started with GM, than Construct, finally Godot (15 years!), trying all the available engines… Many attempts to make a multiplayer game, breaks, restarts, some achievements, but never a real success. Go bro! But, please make us Photon server – Construct tutorial first ! ❤❤❤ Because, you know, we really need it! 🙏🙏🙏

  7. If you want help to understand networking you can talk to me on Discord. I am currently developing an open source MMORPG using godot (from scratch) and c#. I believe that at the end of the year I will have something to publish.
    I always wanted to create an MMORPG but I have no skills other than programming.

  8. Very interesting.
    I'm curious to how your community came to grow. How did ppl find the game aso

  9. How did you handle synchronizing enemies with Photon? like with knockback, player targeting, health, and that stuff.

  10. You could actually make online enemies. There are a lot of options for multiplayer mechanics.

  11. Finally…A WORTHY..GAMEDEV!

    Honestly,I think that you can make a great career out of the game!
    It's always been my dream to make my own RPG and,as the prophecy said,get noticed by Toby Fox,the creator of UNDERTALE himself-

    I have had a pretty similar journey to yours so far,and I hope it stays that way.Your content is inspiring,entertaining and interesting,keep up the work!

  12. Huh i didnt post anything in here on release but its a great dev story and it made me shed a tear like a real man

  13. Have you thought of doing unity C# is one of the best coding languages it gives you the most out of the time you spend.

  14. It's me! I'm in this! 4:00

    I legit miss FantasyWorld and playing with you fine people. If Wizbirds is still going, I might have to hop back in.

    Also wish I had the tenacity to start work on an MMO myself. Definitely something I wish I would have started learning about a long time ago.

  15. YOOOOO YOU SAID THE MAGIC WORDS! Stick Online! I used to play the shit out of that game

    It's crazy how similar our mmo story is. I too have been chasing the mmo dream since playing SO! Wow.

  16. Great dev log and honestly super impressive projects.

    I've been watching a lot of devlogs about success and failures recently. It helps keep things in perspective as I learn Unity as a hobby while being a full time web dev. And I really enjoy your channel and projects so far. Keep up the good work!

  17. Is there any chance you could point out any Photon Tutorial? I was trying to look for a good one but a lot of explanations and documentations for Construct are lacking D:

  18. hi Goodgis very nice work! How you build the server side? In what language have you made it?

  19. now im straggle to make my own network game with unity i have created alot multipler game but this games is local multiple that means with the same device but i have no idea haw i by able to create multiple with 2 or more device's

  20. THe story of my life the past 5 years, trying to have a game company from Construct is NOT a good idea. The engine is too difficult to get working properly/consistently, always buggy and breaking, half-baked features that don't really work except for tinkering, and the developers don't listen to the community, they constantly deny, deny, deny when the whole community is pleading for them to fix a problem, and then try to pass the buck, never fixing their engine. It's a pain, I'd recommend using a better engine instead of wasting time like I did. Wish I had learned something better to start with….

  21. so what are you using right now if youre not using construct anymore for making multiplayer online games?

  22. I would pay for a course on Construct and photon, there is absolutely nothing online, just a couple of youtube videos, and just very simple things.

  23. Ohh man, this game looks like Monster Boy games, in Brazil it's Turma da Mônica no mundo dos monstros, but it's just Monster Boy with other sprites hehe

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