AION in 2021 – Is this MMORPG still worth playing


Recently I have been looking for a new game to get stuck in to. I checked out Aion to see if it is still worth playing in 2021. Aion is a free-to-play traditional …



  1. Aion classic is comming and that's worth playing!!! 7.0 also was just fine but after that it's just headache 🚮 .Ty

  2. This is heartbreaking. It was my favorite MMO for several years. Aion Classic has me excited again, but I don't know if it's worth it to revisit this current version. And no Abyss? How the shit does that get removed from the lore?

  3. It's dead Jim, it's fuckin dead… they added Tia and Kata as new content…nuff said for old players

  4. Hi I went back to this game a few days ago and I can say it's really dead, I'm still at level 40 but it's all just been side quest grinding so far. I hardly see any people and the maps got a lot smaller. Also a lot of the old storyline has been removed. I'm surprised to hear that the abyss is gone because I was really looking forward to that. I do like the leveling support they added for new and returning players though, makes it easier to go through the grind.

  5. when i played the combat was very engaging and buttons worked when you push them, no delay

  6. Game died when they focused on a mobile release which only works for specific games. It was an unwise decision. I played this game for 4 years at the start of 2.0 release and it was an absolute blast.

  7. Play Euroaion, 46 GB to download, +2000 players online (peak) and join asmodians xd

  8. I think the best of AION version is 1.9 – 3.5, 8 years ago.

    Gamez aion is the best server in asia.

  9. i remember when i started to play this game, enjoying it when the 4.0 was released and then i tried out the "new" version yesterday, and been so disappointed by the fact they restricted the cities areas, moved the cosmetics in cash shop instead selling them in a PNJ shop like before, they even deleted Abyss area that was one of the most important area in the Lore of Aion itself, i dunno why they did all of that changes but if they wanted another game why did they not make a whole new one mmorpg ? i still wait to see if aion classic come in europe but i dunno if it will be worth to play .. i mean, they change and removed all we loved and sell it after like "hey, you wanted to keep your joy? pay for it !"
    I'm not sure i want to encourage this kind of market..

    Thank for sharing this vidéo to YouTube, i hope you'll find a great mmo to jump to ! 🙂

  10. I’m so angry at how they killed my fucking childhood game by removing every fun feature like Abyss and Professions and then slapped P2W on it, fuck the people who did this.

  11. I used to play this a LOT around year 2011 and few more.. I even liked it after they added gunners.. But then, I don't really know when this game got so boring. From the start they just give everything you need to you, you are lvl 70 in like 2hours (and I remembrer it took me much more time.. much, much more). Most of the quests I enjoyed disappeard. And I also remember traveling between other maps. Although some quest repeated after a while, it was fun. And gathering coins? Okay, it was.. tiring. But if you wanted cool gear, you did some farming and then bought it. I just don't like this system, where everything is given to you OR you have to pay for it. No fun in that. And Abyss? I loved that place!

  12. After 2 months, I opened a new character to play and a new patch came and they added auto hunting which you can add skills in order to pop up automatically and even there is an option to click to get out from stuns too… The game became like auto hunting in Lineage 2 now… 🙁 The game is so p2w, even I like Aion but it makes cold players to game really and there are lots of delay when you use skills too and the game makes you to feel like it is lagging…

    I learned that Aion 8.0 is coming to EU within 2021 summer time and if thy open a fresh server with no or very less p2w at least then it is worth to play.

    NCSOFT said that further update thy will add a new system which your old gears will be not useless at every new patch's new armor and weapons.

    If Gameforge ever opens Aion Classic for EU, then it is worth to play again.

  13. I stopped playing in 2013 , did make 2 attempts to try again over recent years, it was as bad if not worse. Aion classic would be great though, 1.9 was in my opinion, the best period. The rifting, the abyss pvp, the dregdion ship pvp run was awesome. It was cutthroat though, trying to level up was hard while trying not to get ganked all the time, but to me it was part of the fun because i knew my time was coming. Those days i really miss.

  14. I'm glad you talked about soundtrack. This game has the best OST overall. Elyos side has many good one too that you might have missed

  15. Not gonna lie I killed 3 summers playing this game back in high-school. The world was amazing the pvp was fun af and this game use to be hard too which made it even better.

  16. Aion died when cash shop become the meta for anything, I grinded thousands of hours over years to get the best gear do instances, and pvp. Gear is a must to do anything real in the game and when they started added purple/red gear and feathers enchanting just became pay to win because the rng was not good enough for f2p, I spent near enough £1k on my account and it was only worth it for a short period. rip a great game and rip over 24k hours of my life

  17. Hey, I have a question, because of your accent, I presume you're not from the US. Right?
    If so, why are you playing on the US servers and not the EU? (since you sound British)
    Also the game is still fun, but the cash shops and the elitist midset of players killed it, sadly.
    Also, man, you choose the easiest pve class, and the one with the most button mashing. Try the assassin, painter, sorcerer, literally any other class.
    Added to all that, you're still in the game tutorial faze, later on you will be running away from mobs as fast as you can, doing combos and dealing dmg to them while running. So don't make a review after 2 days of playing a game. Spend time in it, at least a week or two.

  18. Just returned to Aion after a few years away. (Katalam Server) The game is totally different BUT once you hit Level 80 and enter Iggnison there are players everywhere. 1-75 is devoid of players, but thankfully Ing renewed my hope. It's a hard slog back up with gear though. Also miss a lot of the old areas but it is what it is.

  19. This makes me sad. Such a great mmorpg down the drain all those cool new features going to waste and its players moving to other old versions.

  20. I stopped playing when the professions were deleted… They were my fav part, collecting herbs, cooking, making jewelry… I never opened the game since then.

  21. you know.. when the game recommand you a server its pretty much a low populated server 😀

    never seen one when recommand you a populated server.. 😀

  22. there was a time in my life when I only slept, eat and play Aion all day long. That period was 2 years, when max lv was 60 EU server.

  23. I personally stopped playing after that one event that the boss of "destroyed" certain areas of the game and those areas got completely removed, even for players that didn't take part in the event. It bothered me that they did something like that, because i hadn't taken part in the big event at the time. and suddenly all my characters were on a ship.

  24. It used to be soooo good…
    The story is so good

    I remember the servers being packed

    My best memories of this game was bonding with other players. There was a player named Asner who scolded me in poeta for randomly attacking chickens.

    "Hey! What that chicken do to you?"

    That was the beginning of a great friendship

    The developers ruined their own game. They randomly merged all of the servers, causing hundreds of people to have their characters deleted without warning.

    This caused hundreds of people to rage quit Aion.

    That was literally the beginning of the end for Aion.

    These dumb ass developers pisses off their entire player based by randomly merging all of the servers without warning, and hundreds of people lost characters they spent so much time leveling up.

    They noticed that a lot of people quit the game, so they thought the solution was to unmerge the servers, but it was already too late.

    The servers used to be packed, now they're nearly empty.

    You already fucked up when you merged the servers. Might as well have kept then merged

  25. Aion was at its best when l50 was cap. Pvp through rifting was the bomb, gear was not as important back then, but player skill was. I'd say that after 3.x Aion started going downhill and nobody could stop it. Sure, Tia eye was dope, but didn't last long enough, sadly patch 4.x killed the game and patches after that one were a nails in the chest kinda thing instead of resurrection. Such a shame, prior to patch 3.x Aion was really the best mmo of its time.

  26. From one of the most engaging and story rich mmorpgs that ive played for years to….this. Its just sad. Hundreds of hours spent in abyss, katalam open world pvp for Garrisons and sieges. Beautiful memories. State of the game is unacceptable

  27. I play Aion from 11 years , is verry beautiful game until Ncsoft sell the game to Game Forge , after that Game forge implent pay to win , and all old and good palyers leave game , i know ppl who spend more then 5k euro , and h3 got nothing 😁 , so, if u have a lot euro just start play Aion.

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