The Legend of Neverland – MMORPG Beta Gameplay (Android/IOS)


The Legend of Neverland – MMORPG Beta Gameplay (Android/IOS) The world is eternal. It begins here and ends here. –‘The Song of Cabala’, Bard -What is …



  1. BOTW: The article used as inspiration.

    Genshin Impact: Takes some points but alters it in their own way.

    Legend of Neverland: Copy and pastes Genshin Impact's essay.

  2. The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild: Da OG
    Genshin Impact: Copied some systems but, ok
    The Legend of Neverland: Hold up

  3. This gives me extreme "i learned game development just to make a genshin impact clone" vibes

  4. full game name be like : The legend of Neverland : breath the Zelda Departure from Genshin, Toram mobile

  5. I wonder when we will see dead leaf again, btw what’s your favourite area? I like dragonspit! (p.s. make sure to remember that peeman is emergency food lol)

  6. genshin 150% sale sale here on impact! come get urs!
    we have two siblings: anthony and luisa traveling from continent to continent with their friend paylong!

  7. The ONLY good thing abt this is character customisation. Everything else is a bootleg omfg😭

  8. The game seems pretty nice, except for the graphics. I think that it would have been a great game. If only they didn't use Barbara's voice..

  9. Ok checked thier official accounts . They are getting tons of dislike and hate. Kinda feeling bad for them .

  10. This game may have a similar playstyle with Genshin and Zelda BOTW
    I don't really see this as a copycat of Genshin, just the ads that's all
    It's just inspired by Genshin! The ads are just the problem

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