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  1. Wait a minute ik how we can know is true do all of you know runescape well im just saying if that company can put runescape a computer mmorpg role-playing game on the mobile that was supposed to be for the pc maybe they can do the exact same thing to

  2. Yes finally world of warcraft i never play world of warcraft finally a game i always want to play

  3. I'm really counting on them to not take up half my screen for five fucking skill buttons. Give me 10-20 buttons.

  4. There’s no way they’d let this be cross play. Mobile players would just get wrecked. I’d play though.

  5. Why give it to NetEase? Most Chinese company mmorpg is so outdated and boring.
    The king of MMORPG Mobile genre is Korean Company in terms of graphics and gameplay. Just look at Black Desert Mobile, Mir4, Odin Valhalla Rising, BnS 2, and many more.

  6. this will be the very few games worth of playing on our gaming phones and potentially damage it in the process of grinding like zombies!!! for now my rog 3 is a sitting duck… 🥵

  7. I tried to play WoW many different times, and I just don’t enjoy it simply because I don’t enjoy sitting at my computer. But if I can play it on my tablet, I will play that game 24/7.

  8. Greatest mmorpg thats for sure, WoW has been the best rpg on pc, im sure its gonna dominate the mobile world if done right.

  9. Don’t bring wow to mobile, such a deadly game to have at your fingertips 24/7, I wonder how the skill layout will work and Macros.

  10. WoW Classic. Full release. there are a lot of games that killed the ''mobile gaming sucks'' phobia. I doubt anyone would start off to an alternative Warcraft title from scratch. WoW itself is decades old. Warcraft is old. Majority of the players probably have already invested so much in the current IPs by Blizzard as is. They should provide a Fortnite-like seamless experience and build on it there on. It should be multi-platform as well. I'm pretty sure Blizzard is aware of this too. The problem is the execution. How to do it? A good example would be Wild Rift by Riot Games. The PC version is such an utter waste, a trash of beautiful lore at this point that people won't mind starting off from scratch for the sake of portability. They haven't managed to include PC but it will support both consoles and the mobile as platforms but most importantly, it's an in-house project. That is crucial. Tencent will kill the franchise if they were to develop it. Now, I do believe Wild Rift will one day takeover the LoL itself but WoW is too big to kill nor to ignore. I'm eagerly awaiting for a full MMORPG port by Blizzard… surely technology has come a long way and that Blizzard can pull such a stunt. I have hope. One can only milk so much…

  11. oh no.. not netease.. theyre a bunch of communists.. netease is like the ea games of mobile platform..

  12. Mobile gaming is a huge money maker. Blizz would be stupid NOT to at least try and capitalize on that. I just hope it's actually good

  13. This is taken out of Context. Tap Tap have a policy when announcing coming games in that they'll create a Community page for that game. That community page has a link at the top to a Game Page for that Game. The Game may not be coming out at all yet it gets a Community page as well as a Game page created. Means nothing to if a Game actually gets shipped.

  14. This is nothing but speculations. Those free to play warcraft mobile titles could be anything. Most probably its going to be something new and innovative. Its also absolutely stupid to think that its going to be wow pc version ported to mobile (like you do in video), use common sense. It would not work on mobile. I would be extremely hyped if it would be some sort of WoW mobile, but I highly doubt it.

  15. Wok is going to die.. Wow rules.. p2w don't exist there.. All depends of the abilities of the gamer..

  16. Haha not gonna happen!!.. but if? Its not worth to play in mobile look at league of legends mobile no player at all and they ruined the pc version! Only Diablo fits to mobile i think!

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