This Isn't Good Enough – Legion The Eternal War – MMORPG 2021


The devs of this game personally asked me to react to this and give my take. There’s some things I probably should have also included such as they missed out …



  1. What the fuck is the Man in the Game Demo saying?
    "…we could potentially release a Playerbase Version of the Game very soon. To give you all an estimate of when that could happen, i don't want to say that just yet. Because we don't want to ruin the Experience for anybody."
    Excuse me why would you mention that? This is contradictory shit why people wont trust you.

  2. Everyone hates on Star Citizen, but its making steady progress month after month and there is a very playable product already. People dont realize that with SC, they really ARE having to invent new tech to make the game, which is why its taking as long as it is. Also, they are focusing on the Single Player aspect of the game at the moment to get that out into the players hands ASAP.

  3. Ue5 is amazing but just because you have ue5 doesn't mean you can make custom assets for free or easier. You still have to be good with 3d modeling and takes alot of time. They honestly should've tried to a non mmo game first to get people excited about the world and also so people can trust that you can make a game and finish it

  4. "crowdfunding build". Often we'll split the codebase off into different "forks" and tidy them up and fix bugs very aggressively without adding more features. This means that you can send out something that works well, but doesn't have all the latest features. They're probably saying that they would've liked to show a more features more in line with where they've gotten but didn't have time to clean it up enough without worrying about bugs etc.

  5. By "crowd-funding build" I assume they mean the build of the game they made for the crowd-funding project. At the beginning they said they just added the Archer class, but the armor isn't in yet. I would assume that is because they are using an older build of the game.

    As well; "The jumping animations looks gimpy" – That is the ALS animation system. I agree, the basic animations are not very good imo either.

    Also, no, UE5 is NOT going to allow low-end PCs to play on higher graphic settings. For people who have mid-tier and high-tier PCs, the new systems they've added are amazing and are going to allow for all the hyper realism, and all of that cool stuff they talked about. However, a lot of it won't work in VR, and it is still intensive to run, it is just a vast improvement in technology.


    Quick google search shows that migrating UE4 projects into UE5 is an option, BUT it's a bit of a risk. UE5 is releasing as an early access (their words), so it might be rough around the edges and migration process is a 1 way conversion. That means if they work on UE5 and it doesn't work out they can't just move the project back into UE4.

  7. wait they dont want to make money from the game??
    how can they pay the bills? and improve the game?
    not all developer love a charity works

  8. I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. This game's combat looks like straight out of one of those 4.99$ indie games made by 2 dudes in a month. Who would ever want to play that?

  9. Wait, do you mean to say Ashes of Creation is potentially a scam? Or have i misunderstood?

  10. looking at what they have already i can tell this isnt a scam, at least not yet. like yeah theyre premade assets, but were still hand placed and set up to look like a city or castle etc. i make oblivion mods, and take advantage of a lot of modders resources (basically the mod authors version of storebought assets) and even then a lot of work had to go into it. i wish these guys well, while they fucked up its still clear they mean well, and hope they use this experience to learn.

  11. Now that UE5 is in early access – it's THE deal, yes. But lower end PC's like mine (GTX960) won't be able to play at higher settings, unless a GTX 1080 counts as low-end, as that's the min requirement to run the demo template 😀 Also it's early access, and Epic are advising against using it for production projects, so it's probably still a few months before it's fully ready.
    Also the more technical parts of the 3D workflow are still going to be there, so it's not like the engine will magically fix everything.

  12. While Unreal engine 5 does mean lower end PCs can run higher graphic settings and more complex assets, those assets still have to be made and filling a game with custom assets of that high quality is super expensive

  13. Unreal Engine 5 is, in fact, a game changer in game dev industry and yes, it should allow them to model quite faster thanks to the fact that with this engine they won't need to optimize the models they way we did until now (creating different versions of each model for different LODs) althoug, UE5 is not magical, it still needs a lot of work and we don't really know it's caveats yet.

  14. There is an intrinsic problem with the "This is for the devs" game aproach: You don't play in your own game. That disjoints you from it, you wont find bugs etc. thats why there are console commands for developers, i have nothing against teleporting around, but they seem to add too much on the feature side for Developers.

  15. To make it absolutely objectively clear, yes. UE5 is big, its huuuuuuuuge it, does SO much things that 3 years ago we would consider tripple A magic THAT being said, and i cannot stress this enough , the biggest impact and cause ofr celebration will be the hentai game scene, especially of the 3d variety

    Oh for those devs here?
    no its deffo gonna be pretty nice, but i cant imagine it being much more accessible, they obviously got a bit of passion for their project so i hope they continue it against all odds and pull a cinderella but i kind of doubt it

  16. Kind of feel bad for these guys… they are clearly very amateur at this and very new… they have no idea what they are doing, what they are walking into and what they are lacking.

  17. As you say first impressions are important. If the dev team allows players to run around in the game too early it is a bad impression, negative hype, and they don’t get funded.

  18. I don't care if people use purchased assets. I use things all the time that I didn't create to help out with a project. It means nothing to me if it helps you start your game and get it working.

  19. Yes. UE5 is going to be a big step.
    The "Nanite" tech for UE5 means less polygon twiddling for the artists, meaning less time is spent worrying about the polygon budget, so while assets made for UE4 will probably work just fine in UE5 there is no sense in spending a bunch of time on model polycount optimization if the engine just does that for you in a few months.
    Same thing with level design, and especially lighting. The new Lumen lighting model will be vastly different, so you'd have to re-light every scene to make full use of it.

    Brand new particle system, too, so you'd likely have to re-do all the particle effects if you want the performance and visual quality of the new system.

    Anyway, all this should be available in Preview mode soon-ish for people to get going on. It was estimated at "Early 2021", but the plague hit, so I guess 2022?

  20. lol, you are so right , ill start a shop if ya all just buy somethign from me first 😛 ( HAHAHAHAH)

  21. Yo Kira if you have the time, you should do some consultancy for people like this, you seem to have a pretty level headed view on how devs can approach kickstarters/PR.

  22. if you fuck up the website for your game, how do you expect anyone to have faith in your ability to build something as complex as a video game.

  23. With all these teams trying to make their own games it really seems like game development is getting overrun by people who just don't want to work for established game developing studios ….. creating your own business is a great thing …. but you need more than just a desire to do it to make it successful. And it's more than just hoping random people from the internet shovel money at you.

  24. Nah they are 100% fucking right, Kira. If they let players play this it would be bad for the overall life of the project. Star Citizen has fanatics… literal cultists. The state of this (as a developer myself) is too early for players. To be honest the game is too early in development to pitch to crowd funding as it is.

    If you have a website… you need a web developer. Period. Our primary programmer doubles as our web developer but not all programmers know how to do web development. You NEED a web developer.

  25. Just being blunt, seems these guys never graduated the game plan past a 15 year olds frame of mind. No business sense. No timeline sense. Not a lot of originality. Just wanting to put a game out for the sake of doing so. Which would be fine if it was self funded and for fun but not while asking for money and being forgetful and incompetent.

  26. Sadj. Devs seem like nice bros trying to make something they’re passionate about. Just need someone on the team to filter public info and timelines. =

    I wish them the best of luck and hope they can make a good game. And I hope that if it is good, they’re appropriately backed for it.

  27. I mean props to the devs for talking to you and asking you to look at a follow up they made and not being afraid of criticism and blocking those they disagree with.

    The game is still very rough obviously
    They definitely didn't realize how hard making a game would be.

    But its rare seeing them being so open to criticism and actually talking about things including admitting its all store assets

  28. oh it looks like a scam. just like many other stupid "games" right now – and agreed, any "game" that says they will get a "playable version" to the population as a GOAL for likes/tweets/subs/pre-purchases is just downright shady. You have no idea how to do this job, and instead of bowing out and saying so, they appear to be buckling down and doubling up the ante.
    first off – a playable demo- is expected of any funded/crowd supported 'game' in 2021. to not do this – raises too many red flags.
    secondly – your webpage being copy/pasted other web information? giant "this is a scam designed to make money" clue – now maybe it was a honest mistake, but you really show that you don't bother double checking the 'work" done for you, that you supposedly paid someone for – this is very bad.

    Incompetent, naive, childish, foolish, and a lack of common sense, as well as complete lack of business sense.

  29. Without taking anyone's side on this, I would just like people to be aware that a modern website is -never- a "done and ready" situation, it is an endless marathon of continuous development. To make this more clear and understandable, a fully finished professionally done website on Friday morning March 30 2021, would most possibly need update on Friday afternoon March 30 2021, followed by numerous updates in the next week, and infinite number of updates from then on. Any entity running a website REQUIRES an active developer at (least 1) for as long as that website will stay online. Having said all the above, I already assume that we all have a basic understanding that running a website is not equal to having a facebook page. Please do not take my word for all the above — this is not a belief system, the internet is all yours to get all the information you need.

  30. Unfortunately this "oh we'll fix that" while transparent sounds like 13 year old me showing my dad my in progress game thats horribly broken

  31. guys they are programmers, do you think programers have any idea how to do PR or running a small company?
    they are not a scam and is pretty clear that they're gonna develop this game. Will it be good or bad is another matter.

  32. Harsh, but fair. So many of these attempts start without any kind of realistic project plan and are oblivious to the mundane, but necessary things that constitute 90% of a multi user development project.

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