15 New MMORPGs Coming in 2021 on PC, PS5, Series X, and Switch


Looking for more MMOs to play? Here are the best new massive multiplayer online games set to release next year on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and …



  1. 2:30 is the only game for ps5 hope i saved yall this shit video which help us ps5 users with nothing.

    Only mmorpg game we get is this shit.

  2. All the best MMORPG are Korean and not available in the west . We seem to just get FIFA and cod😭

  3. whenever I look up new mmorpgs I just sink deeper and deeper into depression knowing that nothing will change.

  4. This year for me is Corepunk, i always ask my self why there wasn't a mmorpg with Lol or dota combat system now there is and i will play it with my other two brothers can't wait for spring.

  5. 100% playing new world. I played it on the preview, and it was amazing. BUT you need to remember, this is NO SOLO game, i was solo in beginning, at it did become boring fast, but at lvl 18 i joined a group that had discord, and god did we have fun togheter, dominating the server, we lever lost "everfall" city once. What im trying to say, is that playing whit a group in New world is 100 times better than going alone or 2-3. I had a blast, and the big"battle" where you need to protect or attack another clans base, was amazing, we had good communication and crushed everyone everytime. So if you are going to play new world, find a group/clan to join, one that has discord and actually uses it.

  6. The Amazon game looks good. I'm interested in it since I know there will be money put in it to make it good.

  7. We all know that 2021 release dates is full of bull. Might as well lower your expectations.

  8. Nice! This is the most underrated gaming channel! It's always good to know the latest trend in video-gaming!

  9. Wow Temtem was literally the only console game in this list. Nice clickbait…
    And what about Project: Ragnarok ???

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