5 VR MMORPG Projects Layout Their Plans for Early 2020, VRMMORPG News for January 2020


All the News from the VR MMORPG world from the last few weeks. OrbusVR Announces its first DLC. A Township Tale is heading into the Forest. Zenith VR …



  1. Thank for watching! Which one of these games are you most excited about? Also, if you hear any interesting news send it to me to use on my next news update.

  2. Tranks for the updates 😉
    Is it worth to buy a VR-set? Looks like there are only few games to play and only with a low graphic🤔

  3. 10 dollars for dlc for oris, a game that nearly has any players and lacks on community

  4. Thanks for the VRMMORPG rundown!

    I've tried Orbus and Nostos and neither were my cup of tea 🙁 I'm really looking for something like Skyrim/ESO or Guild Wars 2 in a first person MMORPG, and that is most likely going to be Illysia.

    I've also been following Redemption's Guild – it's not a MMO but a Co-op VR RPG.

  5. If a township tale had an unic big map instead of having many small identical servers it could have been a good game.

  6. Looking forward to some more mmorpgs coming out, currently there is one and it's not for me.

  7. You have no idea how much I love A Township Tale. Best game I've ever played. Thanks a lot for covering it.

  8. Hey Rejinx! Its Raygar, from pre reborn. 1 more semester till I can make some money and get a functional headset, and that I can play again with. New updates looks fun, and tell "Yecal" and all of Nova I say hi. Great video!

  9. Love this! Definite keen for fortnightly updates. I’m a patreon supporter for Ilysia, I can confirm the first world will put the Skyrim and GTA worlds to shame. The first world will be about 20,000 x 30,000 kilometres. They’ll be releasing a kickstarter and gameplay trailer within the next month, followed by in game meet ups with supporters and backers called “Tavern Talks” where they will discuss road maps, new features, and get players to test out what’s new. They’re still aiming for a Spring 2020 release but have no intent on releasing an incomplete title so it’s more of a “it’s done when it’s done”

    Everything shown in the trailer will be working, no tricks and post editing

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