Perfect World Mobile MMORPG Gameplay Android / iOS Release


Perfect World Mobile MMORPG by Tencent (Release version) Gameplay video (Android on Ultra, 1080p) ENGLISH RELEASE: …



  1. Mobile style looks really silly if compared with the beautiful minimalistic UI's of old-school mmorpgs

  2. I played Perfect World MY from year 2007 till 2011. I remembered my first character is Mage but I stopped using it until lvl 70. I soon recreated new character, a Warrior specializing in Fist-type weapon. I remembered my old guild, Sanctuary and I missed all the members so much. This shall recreates the memories I had with Perfect World MMORPG. :')

  3. Wow classic lags on my laptop and handy runs all games smooth haha 😂 8gb ram handy vs 6gb laptop, wtf

  4. Even though this game is really beautiful, I think it was nothing compared to pwi. Pwi is more about adventure around the pwi map, wich I loved. Pwm is about quild activity and dailies, dailies, dailies. In pwm player can lvl up over 30 easily in one day, wich also means A LOT of noob players who have no idea what they are doing, which puts a lot of pressure for tank and cleric players who know what they are doing. Pwm is mostly teamwork with a group that does auto or doesn’t know what to do and doesn’t even want to know. Pwi lvling up takes time and effort (without xp chrystals ofc), which means you actually need to know how to play when you are 30. In pwi you can’t auto, you actually have to know how the skills work, who you are, what is your position. And mostly, you can solo a lot in pwi (specially with mystic and veno), because there are a lot of quests. That’s also what I loved more in pwi. These are just my thoughts, someone might find pwm better.

  5. 2006 = omg the mmorpg are great , who knows what mmo Will be released in the future

    2019= mmorpg but on phones

  6. i used to play this when i'm at 4th grade what the f i remember killing the rabbits on the dreamweaver

  7. The game has the best graphics and storyline I've ever seen on a mobile app. Definitely recommend trying it. Controls work fine. Love the game.

    Most annoying character would be you're boss, Euphoria. I hope she's not the love interest or that we dont hear her girly squeaky voice. I enjoy when we don't see her or she's around as her voice makes my ears hurt. I wish i could choose a different boss because her voice and her quirkiness is just.. bleh. She's cute looking but.. i wouldn't want her.

  8. Watch this become a shitty game in a month because they'll get greedy and ruin this game like they ruined the original.

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