Elyon – Should You Play This New MMORPG?


Should you play Elyon? Is it worth your time? What the hell even is an “Elyon”? All this and more. “Elyon is an open-world …



  1. I tried this game but i was done after 30 mins…it's so generic and boring even Tera Online is better

  2. Thanks a ton for this breakdown. I was curious about this game when I heard it was made by the same folks who made Tera. I truly enjoyed the hell out of that game for a long while.

  3. i've read steam comment saying this: They have added more P2W in the game and its only been a month in. As far as I kno there is no other way to get pets besides cash shop. Did i expect anything else from free to play KAKAO PUBLISHER game xD ? nope

  4. balanced gear doesnt actually get you invested in PVP. Any games ive saw that gives both options ends with no one player balanced gear pvp. You invest years into mmos so to see balanced gear just makes you question why you would even bother playing so long. You become a casual just by game design. Just because casuals who bounce game to game get upset they cant compete doesnt mean everyone else should be like them 😀

  5. Stop reading reviews and just play, if you don't like, you can still delete the game. My suggestion give it a try, play for a month and decide than.

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  7. This game is HEAVILY pvp based. Dont try it if you only enjoy pve.

    For me it is perfect c: Arena, open world boss pvp between factions and pvp in dimensional portals are all really important things to progress faster.

  8. This game looks so much like blade and soul and soon.
    I honestly was CONVINCED this was an NCSoft game at first.

  9. Lost me at open world pvp at all times, thoroughly dislike pvp. I just want to chill when gaming

  10. I started playing this on a whim on steam. Cash shops don't bother me and I'm fine playing for just a few weeks of fun. I don't need to enter a lifelong contract with a game.

    But that said, this game has kept me interested. The combat is terrific and I love the class design and customization. All the quirky secondary systems are pretty fun too; the airship economy, the crafting mini-games, solo dungeons, ai arena, etc.

  11. what a wrong information giving video this is… URE NOT 24/7 IN OPEN WORLD PVP… Only on the other side of the map.. and not even there, there are conflict regions in the middle of the map to open world pvp.

  12. Why can't they just remove the RNG system and make it a bit harder for people to grind for upgrade materials?

  13. essentially, tera, but worse…. wtf are those tiny chipmonks? why not put lolis instead like elins?

  14. Wow …. what in the hell. This guy is so negative .. he just assumes people will hate this or hate that and that's all he seems to talk about. Very off putting. He literally spends all of his time and energy worrying about what people will or will not like. It was so bad, none of his personality came through.

  15. You absolutely do lose shit when you die you lose do experience and at high levels it’s a grind to get a bit of that back

  16. I think I'm getting to old for this flashy games. I would prefer something more grounded with way less crap info and flashy things all over my screen. I came to enjoy Fallout 76 because of this. More realistic immersive and no sparkling in combat. I wish more mmo rpgs adopt this template. But most of all I really hate warrior females on heels wearing sumer clothing. I enjoyed black desert online but the sparkle and the grinding make me put it down. More story would be nice.

  17. It's the best MMO I've played in a long time. Idk why people hate it so much. I swear you guys hear "korean mmo" and it's an instant NO. It's not P2W, there's literally nothing you can buy in cash shop to be 2000 years ahead of other players, and the stuff that is in cash shop you can easily get in-game, for example Luminus. I've been playing for 150h+ and it's FUN af. You have airship quests, wonderful character development, a lot of stuff to do, it's really not getting boring. The ONLY thing that might be annoying is forced PvP and rng, but it's NOT REALLY THAT BAD as you all say. Imo the game is def worth trying.

  18. what really sucks about the game is that it is good at its core, but it has so many p2w elements that its almost foolish to hope it has a good future. So many people haven't even played the game because its a korean f2p mmorpg with lots of monetization. Just silly to get invested after so many games reaching this treatment in the past.

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