Life Is An MMORPG – "My Life In Thailand"


For the past few years now I’ve had this mindset that real life is basically an MMORPG, everyone has their own stats, skills that can …



  1. It's interesting to see Pattaya beach empty. Looks like Centra… almost bought a few units there when it was still under construction. Great location – especially since my rentals are in View Talay 6. I live in the philippines now though. Sometimes I really miss Thailand.

  2. I've just found today and subbed, and just going through these vlogs now. Also don't hate on yourself too much about achieving a 6 pack. Yes being strict on your diet and exercise can get you there but also genetics can have a big impact too. 🙂

  3. Just came from u raging at bf1 thanks for the laugh in ur is it worth series
    Love from Sweden

  4. Your voice is always kind of relaxing, but watching you do a bunch of relaxing things in what appears to be paradise while soothing me with your voice might almost be too relaxing. I had to put my hand on a hot stove after watching just to be awake enough to finish my work for the day.

    Seriously, though: this is GREAT content and I love that you've integrated the pros/cons into it. Will have to catch up on the rest of your blogs and I hope your six-pack is going well!

  5. yoo you are really making me think about going to thailand!!!!!!!! plus the girls are cute….

  6. Just read through the description and there is gold in there 😁 Love the different stats you describe. Love the series, best of luck on leveling up! 👍

  7. Craig you're so funny and amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us! It's inspiring. This coming from a girl who's too afraid to leave America on my own *fist bump

  8. As a person with very light skin that grew up in a hot country, I regret not using sunscreen well enough. I have burns that made hair start growing where they didnt before, I also burnt my nose so much once, more than a decade ago, that it's still healing. Waterproof sunscreen reapplied every few hours and after sun on burnt skin, that's my strategy at the moment.

  9. I honestly really like that you make vids for bad games as well, but they dont have to be long if they're just bad. Like just give it a fair shake, a rundown of the pros and cons (like you do) and your opinion. That's all i want if it's bad.

    edit: if youtube nails you beacuase of bad games, maybe make a channel just for the bad ones, so that people like me can find the review when we search for it

  10. basically everything you're doing is like my dream… i feel so trapped in north America 🙁

  11. “id rather have no friends than the wrong friends” – LP

    huge true dude. you are who you hangout with. i notice when i surround myself with high quality friends i instinctively want to be like them and that pushes me to be a better version of myself

  12. How/ what resources did you use to learn crypto and where did you get info on how to get thai tax id, driver license, and etc? Thanks

  13. woah brother! highly appreciate your content covering list MMOs it's amazing to see that someone actually cares and being honest about it HUGE respect <3

    PS: i hope you enjoy living here especially the food we're proud of that!! but anything else is kinda yikes :((

  14. You can bet the child isnt hustling on his own.
    Just a tool of the job.

    I am becoming a fat bastard over the past few years, but same weight.
    Race you to that six pack 😉

  15. Hey man if you're in Pattaya I'd see if you could reach out to Sean Fagan. He's a youtuber and Muay Thai figher/instructor based out of Pattaya. Seems like a solid guy

  16. Love the vlogs, I am not a gamer at all, but love looking at your vlog. What camera are your using? I am thinking of starting but don't know which camera to use. Thanks!

  17. How were you able to move out to thailand? I am interested in moving there but havent really figured out the logistics

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