MIR4 is the WORST New MMORPG Release of 2021


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  1. The game is still trash up to now. The game has bots that auto mine resources and the developers look like they are not doing anything about it.

  2. the experience gap is hard in level 50 above. you will be force to enhance equipments in darksteel as high as +4 or greater to to move on. i ve been with it up to 3weeks already no fun anymore

  3. I followed you bro few years back and I can say you are one of best mmorpg content creators. I like your in-game analysis. About this game, at first I was really annoyed by its autoplay features but I gave the game a chance. On its middle stories, autoplaying is not advisable because you will really die in majority of missions. Trust me.

    The game also has cool dungeon mechanics called raid dungeons. The 15man raid dungeons are challenging too. Try the 50man dungeons, that's a way more cooler, it's a weekly clan dungeon.

    Overall, I liked this game now. I was from Black dessert and Blade and soul game before I ended here.

  4. @MMObyte the fact is that you have this certain prejudice because you had a horrible impression at the start. I also disliked the auto combat and everything at first. But after playing for 2 months and reaching level 75, I noticed that I really enioy this game from time to time. The PVP is actually decent and fun. The skill effects and battling system when you do it manually is effective and actually rewards you instead of doing it on auto through bash attacks, dodging, etc. The PK system gives you challenges and incentives to get stronger. The constitution, inner force, equipment, codex, etc are actually clear goals that make you feel worth achieving. And I have no idea what you mean by the graphics are bad. You can be rewarded for creating strategies on how to play the game, invite clan mates, be involved in alliance politics for dominating valley wars, express yourself with outfits despite the gender lock.

    The way you said it's the worst MMORPG of 2021 disregards so many great experiences us players had in this game. I hope you change that bad habit of being completely biased to the point that you stop yourself from seeing the joy in this game. It is a huge insult to us that you say chimeraland is better than Mir4. You are being childish and ridiculous at this point.

  5. Raids requires all hands on at high level. And the missions where you actually search for objects. In the beginning i felt the same way but honestly i feel that this game is essential to what other games can become in terms of mmo…I'd like to see devil may cry implement all the activity on screen with all the players and enemies without the auto features…that would be sick solid and sweet(SSS)

  6. its not about money.. i love this game because of gameplay and mechanics.. i enjoy so much this game

  7. is it really hard for you to comprehend that this is a mobile game,what were you expecting?
    Auto-play isn't a must but if you want to complain about it then atleast keep in mind that it's a MOBILE game and most of all,there are majority of people who welcome it aswell.
    It's always the negative whenever an obvious Mobile that release from asia has an auto-play feature.
    If you really turn off by it,then move on instead of jumping on the negative/hate wagon when it's not as if you're gona main the game for a long time without the feature game anw.
    No I'm not defending this game,just the mindset of people who thinks that everyone hates autoplay feature.
    Just stick to real PC game since majority of them dont have the feature of it.

  8. The devs do nothing about all the exploiters from 3rd world countries, who invest absolutely 'nothing' into the game, yet reap all the benefits.
    I invest and cannot finish a mission (That you now 'have' to complete in order to be able to enter the valley to mine) because I get attacked perpetually by someone's 12 alts while trying to mine.
    This game is trash and its devs are even lower tier. If you join their discord, they do nothing but toot their own horn and ignore literally every support ticket you send them.

  9. I have never played the game but of course it will be easy when you bought premium and you bought battle power, you should have tried it without those premium shits,maybe it is a little bit more challenging!!!

  10. But MIR4 is the current Most played games in steam right now, TOP 10 list with 64k current players
    1. csgo – 380k currents player

    2. dota2 – 350k current player
    3. rust – 118k current player

    4. apex

    5. team fortress 2

    6. new world

    7. gta 5

    8. destiny 2

    9. pubg

    10. mir4 – 64k current player

  11. You never mentioned anything regarding the fact you can Earn NFT's that you can later sell on the Market.

  12. i play for fun and like the game ( lvl 76 ), after hitting lvl 75 new area opens up and there are no bots there…still i dont farm DS to sell it. now there is a lot of new content in the game and more is coming. but we are different and there will be haters and lovers.

  13. That's your opinion, nobody here is an expert or a Nobel award winner, however I like this game, the design, the afk style, the gaming and pvp after you reach the 40 level, the landscapes, if this game does not give money anymore, I still will be playing it, is beautiful and challenger.

  14. Independientemente del juego, Tu video es pésimo. Ni siquiera puedes opinar por el poco tiempo jugado y dejas de lado que es Play to earn. Quienes hayan jugado desde su lanzamiento o un tiempo despues, como 1 mes o quizas 2. Han hecho mucha dinero con un juego GRATIS.

  15. This game is for kids that starting on how to use Smartphone, literally disgusting. I would rather to eat my own shit than playing this suck game

  16. MIR4 is more than just the main mission, you only played it for 2 HOURS, You still haven't tried Magic Square, Secret Peak, Clan Expedition, Raids and Boss Raids, Clan War and many more…

  17. You know nothing, you played the game and just reached level 12 and you thought you know everything. Your just trying get attention, thats the truth

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