Top 10 MMORPGs


MMORPGs require a massive time investment, so we made a list of the top 10 MMORPGs in 2021. Take a look! MMORPGs, or …



  1. Since Wildstar i dont like any kind of mmorpg anymore. It looks all crappy compared to it 🙁 sadge

  2. Where is Runscape? Why such blatant exclusion of a game that clearly beats out this competition?

  3. I played ffxiv, and I enjoyed it for months, but then after finishing shadowbringers, I lost all motivation and drive. Now whenever I log in, I just run around aimlessly and then log off. I haven't played it for months and I tried it again for a few days recently, but it is just really boring to me rn. I wish I liked it, but I need an mmo right now!!

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