New World – Should You Buy This New MMORPG?


New World is breaking records, hitting massive concurrent player peaks according to steam’s API, receiving a ton of press both …



  1. I think it all boils down too… I can go hit trees and watch a movie. But I can do that without New World I live in the Pacific Northwest xD

  2. I think this is a good overview of New World for people wondering if they should play it. I played it for myself in the Open Beta and decided not to play it after release. The game was solid and approachable at first, but I was shocked at how shallow almost every aspect of the game was: combat, skill progression, gathering/crafting, questing, exploration and more.

    The aspect of the game that seemed to have the most depth was the lore, but it is the absolute worst implementation of world building I've ever played. Lore is dribbled out in books spread throughout the world, but each book is broken into many parts that each have to be found separately. Amazon Game Studios obviously hired some dedicated lore writers to create context for the indistinguishable villages spread across the map, and I commend them for trying to come up with something about this uninspiring setting. But even if you somehow cared to learn about the lore of this new world, it's a chore to find the all pages to read.

    After playing 20 hours in open beta, there really was nothing about New World I genuinely liked except the visuals. The game world is gorgeous, but despite the impressive level of interactivity with every tree and boulder, the world is mostly empty. And the setting is one of the most ridiculous, unconvincing fictional worlds I've ever seen. It's a bizarro-world that makes no sense and does not do justice to the time and place in real-world human history it's based on.

    With nothing for me to attach myself to except for pretty visuals, New World is not for me, I'm afraid.

  3. Looks like a mobile mmo tbh. I dont understand why you would release an mmo in 2021 with barebones pvm

  4. More and more people are being honest with how broken and unfinished this game is. They didn't bother creating a simple swim animation and came up with some bullshit reason why mounts won't work. 4 dungeons? Really? Weapon skills that don't do anything remotely close to what they say they do… mass reporting exploits, aoe spam lag exploits, html code in the chat window exploits, auction house bugs, gold dupe bugs… the amount of client side exploits they left open was a mistake a first year game developer wouldn't make.

    But it's got good graphics, lighting, spell effects and sound.

    If you ever played a proper mmo for a year… like wow, eso, final fantasy… and this broken ass game doesn't bother you, then you are a perfect Amazon customer.

  5. Pls do video of WoW new censureship and removal of freedom of speech in next weeks patch! We can no longer write custom messages in dungeon tool unless forced to use their authenticaor or add phone number, all in the name of 'stopping and preventing' advertising spam, which it in NO fucking way will. It will only punish the good ppl because of what the bad ppl do! This is CENSURE, I will no longer be able to use this option as i refuse to install app or use on my phone, just to be able to fuckiing write! I use it alot and wont be able to play anymore after this, and anyone who thinks otherwise kid themselves, this is more censureship inc and just the first step, soon we wont be able to write in general or trade chat unless our butt plugs and facial cameras are online so they can stop any free thinking individual who might use this option to write human stuff!

  6. I would say NO to the title.. because… –
    Why i find boring after almost 50 levels of mine is that every side quest is same.. literally.. go there kill mobs, loot chests or skin an animal.. thats it… AND what bothers me about it even more is that they have copy-paste-d those mobs from level 1-25 till end of the game.. SO SICK OF IT! like.. what happend? did they run out of ideas or what.. Cats and wolves have same body.. just different colors on it when you move to another area.. and those corrupted people, zombies and pirates are every where.. so bad.. And then theres 3 areas that start with 1-25… what happend there? why!? they could have rise level cap to 80 for example and made other areas higher level.. why need 3 starting point.. whats the point when you can reach level 25 in one area.. Its a good game, i like it.. graphics, combat and all.. but god those repetitive quests and same fricking looking enemies are making it borin super fast.. no wonders that player base have dropped 50% like Forbes write about. Im so sad that they didnt have more imagination, better ideas and stuff like that.. i hope they change it in the future but so far im dissapointed.. oh.. and dont even talk me about that running simulation.. like.. was it so hard to add mounts? like in every other massive world mmo out there!? GOD!

  7. Bump… game wasn't ready. Still fun, but end game is a mess. Enjoy the sub 40 game, it's great, but don't look behind the curtain.

  8. bad economy , and will get worse. since every one can be every prof. and every thing is so plentyfull. daily theres a new game breaking bug that every one rushes to do to gain item lvl or gold etc . to include standing and killing one mob over and over if u can get tag. its not good RIP my 2 -3 weeks of play

  9. FYI if you have a good gpu the graphics in this game are amazing in 4K hq… those complaining just don’t have a decent enough rig

  10. Based off your negatives you seem like a cry baby of entitlement. No swimming is annoying but it's not an enjoyment breaker, and your argument on dungeons is very entitled, but the server latency is very annoying. The games point was to be a casual sandbox, not some intense ff14 which is extremely boring with the hundreds of dungeons and raid mechanics, or wow being super old school and nothing to do.

  11. Spend money on something that is not finished. Nope not for me. Been burnt too many times. How about make a product, a finished product and then see if I want to pay money for it. What an insane world that would be.

  12. The quest are boring but they are never complex enough for me to be upset at, mostly they just bring me to locations I have not been to yet. I really wanna see swimming pit into the game. And idk, I haven't been seeing any game breaking lag, and combat has been entirely survivable. Course, I'm playing paladin.

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