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  1. I may have to play Phantasy Star 2 again. I played a few months ago, but the beginning portion of the game was so boring that I lost interest real fast. If I play again, I will probably do what I can to just speed through the beginning (probably by completely skipping the first few instances/missions if I can). The forest missions are just SOOO boring. It just felt over-repetitive.

    PSO2 seems to be either a game that picks up during mid or late game, or it might just be a game that’s fun to watch and not as fun to play. Based on the player-base, I would like to believe it’s the former.

  2. what is the name of the first game shown you never show the name of that game it looks like the only good one there ?

  3. What is the game that he shows at the very beginning of the video before he gets to the list…it looks and beautiful

  4. Dude actually gave the mabi story a 4/10 when it's more like a 7-8/10. Changes depending on the generation, Saga is trash story, g1-g3 is pretty good. Other gens are pretty good. Wait, holy shit, I just heard what he said. "I don't think there's much of a story. I never found any." BOY, game has massive fucking story. It has 24 generations right now, each generation is literally an arc of the story. Every story arc takes anywhere from 8-20 hours to complete. I say 8-20 because you have to run dungeons and shit. Story is extremely good and it's how you unlock certain transformations. G2 unlocks paladin, g3 unlocks dark knight, g10 unlocks demi god, g22 unlocks actual god.

  5. Oh man, I miss Lineage 2 times … All I got now apparently is Final Fantasy … not sure if BDO is worth it at this point

  6. What's about Neverwinter, very love this game and i think that this game is very worth to know about

  7. Why do all of these MMO’s graphics look like total shit. They have the same graphics as games from 2010

  8. I played soul workers but i quit because it annoys me to stop when the game tells me to stop! (Energy)… thats why i quitted with Genshin Impact because of this Resin Bullshit…

  9. I like your vids man, but giving pso2 a higher rating for graphics than swtor is just delusional lmao

  10. For me gw2 is best mmorpg. It can run even on low end pc and you can buy all expansions for like 20 usd. The map is huge and there you can get mounts that are so useful and very fun. This game is for casual players too. You can be on and off and you wont feel like you are missing a lot of things. Game isnt p2w and you can buy all cosmetics for free. You also have living world episodes that you can buy with real money or you can convert gold that you earned to gems to buy episodes. Also you could get those episodes for free if you played the game when they came. Fashion wars is the true endgame. So many infusions dyes outfits that you can get easily. You can also play pvp wvw and play raids. You dont need endgame gear to run those game modes. Mechanics and skills matter in this game so much. Overral i only have like 700hrs in this game but its very beautiful game and there is a lot of grind which i like

  11. even though i dont play mabinogi anymore i thaank you for featuring it because it is still going on.

  12. Yeh combat in eso turns me off too. Wish they would have just chose tab target or action and not this weird janky in between thing they have going on where you just look like you spazzing out the whole time.

  13. there were mmorpgs published this year? sorry to say this, but mmorpg is dead! play wow or ff14, the rest is old af or just boobs … 99% of mmorpgs are made in asia, cheap and free2play pay2win garbage. consider opening your doors for other genres on your channel, i don't think mmorpgs will have a comeback anytime soon.

  14. Guys, I need your help! I am looking for a MMORP for my 12 years old cousin, that he would enjoy and at the same time make some quality friends, develop some social skills, problem-solving skills, management skills, skills whatsoever. Basically that is not so focused on combat, grinding, etc.. But where you can actually say that it was worth playing. He would be new to MMORPGs, so some where the learning curve is steep, maybe thanks to the help of other players. No matter if it is P2P, in my personal opinion that often translate in stunning graphics and no need to pay in the game to grow or enjoy the fun… Any suggestions? 😁🙏

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