ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance (Free MMORPG): Watcha Playin' Gameplay First Look


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  1. Diablo is easy… they spoon feed you. Also comparing an MMO's frame rate to something like League isnt really a fair comparison (not justifying the game's poor FPS, just saying it was a stupid comparison).

  2. I personally enjoy it, it does actually get difficult. I suggest playing a harder class to keep yourself thinking early on until the challenge kicks in around level 20. As for drop rates, you can craft gear and reinforce it so it's better than dungeon drops, money is always a problem in games tho. It just makes so worth it once you get that super cool item for a few hundred gold.

  3. love this game , But i have a problem with the webzen luncher ..every time i start my computer it wants to make changes to my computer ? how can i fix this problem , i dont want the lancher to start up when i boot up my compter all the time i get to many launchers wanting to open up and it lags my boot up time

  4. Just joned the game yesterday hatched a pet and 2 seconds after i hatched it i destroyed it by accident

  5. i would say its more like a mmo/rpg rather a action/rpg, point and click is more of an rpg element than action, in action/mmos you do the attacking, while in mmo/rpgs, you point and click, this game is more like wow than a lot of recent action/mmo/rpgs where you do the attacking yourself, like terra and dragomon hunter and tron, its almost like what would happen if diablo and world of warcraft had a baby, a very cartoonish anime like baby with easy and simple mechanics, this game is like super casual too, i love it, i think they had ppl in mind that run low end pc's a lot of modern rpg pc games cant run on low end pcs, and this game runs well at medium settings even on my shitty hp

  6. I remember POE being extremely easy, just play monk, get the perk where your health is used as mana, lifesteal lifesteal lifesteal, and also have area attacks.

  7. Not easy as it looks on this video once you reach like lvl 20+ the game starts getting intense, YOu have to know the timing of your skills, and dodge some boss attacks that are unpredicatable at some points, run, intense S*t

  8. +FreeMMOStation this game looks really good, though idk if its safe to use for my pc. Is the game downloadable, or just online, like AQW??

  9. what kind of pvp is in there is there a pet system and guild what kind of players are they summoner duelist

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