You're Not Ready For THIS Dinosaur MMORPG Game – Growing Indominus Allo – Path of Titans Update


You’re Not Ready For THIS Dinosaur MMORPG Game – Growing Indominus Allo – Path of Titans Update The biggest update in …



  1. A huge new update was added to Path of Titans. Actually, It's their biggest yet! The Growth update is here and it enables us to progress through entire life cycles as dinosaurs through a guided quest system (In the future we can choose time based if we want) They also added my favorite dinosaur ALLOSAURUS!! If that wasn't cool enough eventually i end up in space!

  2. i bought the game but can't play on my android because of stupid download file error after update & nobody knows how to fix it 🙁

  3. it looks really awesome I don't like the idea of being timed. I think it ruins the fun of exploring the whole entire land and taking your time with the game

  4. They did everything the Isle should have done 😂

    Quests encouraging player meet ups

    Customisable base? Dope

    Bring this to xbox please

  5. I wish they didn't make you have to start over your growth everytime you die. Wish there was a Dino game with levels etc with progress that saves

  6. I might just shove The Isle in the trashbin and migrate to PoT at this point, The Isle will never be finished 💁🏻‍♀️

  7. Wow, a dinosaur game where you have to grow up and do MMO things in an MMO type game? Sign me up!
    Oh, you're using made-up dinos from the Jurassic World games? Baby Allosaurus is planting pine cones? Gameplay mechanics like "race the clock".
    Never mind.

  8. MMORPG's aren't massive anymore…. 32-128 players on a single screen is regular not masssive. Even joint operations a shooter had 150-player servers. WOW use to have 500+ in major cities, they've since used a cap with numerous server instances of the same thing, wont see more than 100 most likely cept for big PVP event. Just because I can join and play with anybody, doesn't make it massive. Player scale on a single screen makes it massive. Sure I hated waiting around for my turn to do a quest with 50+ waiting or more. But you lose a lot of MMO experiences without it. Like planetside 1 and 2 did 600+ per continent. I'd see totally filled cities in Star wars Galaxies, before they ruined it, talking 400+ people totally filled cantinas, 50+ just waiting on a shuttle that came every 10-minutes.
    So yea hearing MMO these days, doesn't mean what it use to mean… Nothing MASSIVE about. Some single player games have bigger worlds and more content, if were not talking player-counts. Which was the whole reason it was originally called Massive multiplayer online, due to player count on a single server.

  9. One thing that set me off from trying this game was Isle people kept saying the player etiquette was dogshit and most servers were about hanging out than surviving or anything.

  10. I know path of titans is on mobile but is it worth it? I had it once but i feel like im the ONLY player playing in the servers

  11. They should switch to time system growth, and keep quests as added growth bonuses. Set growth time for each dino, but completing quests cuts some time off that

  12. much nicer, better finished game than The Isle, but the fighting is a lot better on The Isle though.. I think.

  13. Just a question on how to play Path of Titans, is it through a website where I download it or some- I'm lost on how to play bc I love dino games

  14. PoT is pretty good. Not the greatest TBH. Mostly full of The Isle haters mad that The Isle is taking so long to get anything good added to Evrima, and just hating on Dondi (which I think is fair lol). I do enjoy they game somewhat however. The Allo isn't too good though in PoT. The only thing it has going for it right now is that everyone plays it so you can find big Allo groups easy. Or well, eveyone DID play it, but now Megolania is out, so less Allo players probably.

  15. Path of Titan is so much better than The Isle. Isle devs have no clue what they are doing or how to do it.

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